Avid golfers like nothing more than playing great courses around the country and around the world. Avid golfers like nothing less than enduring the aggravation of hauling their clubs from home to destination and back.

A necessary evil, we say as we complain incessantly. But is it?

How would you like to avoid those many irritations—dragging the travel bags through the airports and onto the rental car shuttles, paying extra baggage fees, having TSA ransack the equipment, and worrying about the airlines damaging the clubs or losing them en route?

ClubstoHire orlandoClubstoHire, the world’s leading golf club rental company, has been a booming business in Europe and Great Britain for the last five years. It rented 70,000 sets of clubs globally last year at its 23 worldwide facilities at such golf meccas as Dublin, Edinburgh, Bangkok, Cape Town, and Lisbon.

Now, ClubstoHire has crossed the pond and is setting up shop at some of New England golfers’ most popular golf venues: Las Vegas, Myrtle Beach, Orlando, Phoenix/Scottsdale, and Punta Cana in the DR.

So, you ask, what kind of sticks am I hiring? Only the best and latest from Callaway (Big Bertha woods, rescues, and irons) and TaylorMade (M1 and RSi irons as well as AeroBurner woods). Selecting the set you want is easy to do, just by accessing the website and following the prompts.

slider-03 ClubstoHire offers a number of premium club options that you get to put together but will always supply you with a suitably-sized golf bag and 14 clubs– driver, fairway woods, rescue club, irons through SW, and putter. You pick out what you want with men’s or women’s sets for lefties as well as righties, graphite or steel shafts, senior or regular or ladies or stiff shafts, and between a mallet style putter like the Odyssey Two-Ball or a blade like the Ping Anser.

The only items you’ll have to pack for your trip will be balls, gloves, tees, shoes, and hat.

But what about the price? The price is a surprisingly modest $80-110 a week, depending upon location. The weekly rental is the only choice at this time, regardless of whether you want the clubs for one day, four days, or a full seven days.

slider-01ClubstoHire founder Tony Judge said, “The weekly model works well, particularly for the golfer who’s going to play three or four rounds. It’s pretty cost-effective, and it gives you the opportunity to try out the latest clubs on the market. If you get a rental set at a course or a resort, it’s usually $40 to $80 just for one round.” Not to mention you never know what you’ll get for a set when you arrive at the course.

And the delivery? Couldn’t be simpler. You have the choice of picking up your clubs at the ClubstoHire counter in the terminal or from the on-site representative waiting for you, or you can have them delivered to your hotel. When the trip ends, you return the clubs to where you received them and go home without another thought about golf equipment. No fuss and no muss!

slider-02 The website is www.ClubstoHire.com. Check out the live booking engine which shows you what clubs are available at what price at your destination. After reserving your set, you can buy insurance for the week for only $7 that covers any accidental breakage or loss. A ClubstoHire rep will then contact you to arrange delivery.

All that’s left after that is to get to the golf course with your new set of Callaways or TaylorMades and tee it up.