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The Antigua Group, Inc.—one of the nation’s leading designers and marketers of lifestyle apparel under the distinguished Antigua and Slazenger brands has added 19 new embroidery machines to bolster its production capacity for Spring 2011.... Read More...
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Interview with Sean Gregg – Antigua’s Head Designer and Director of Product and Development and Marketing

This year, Antigua Golf Apparel based out of Scotsdale, Arizona, is celebrating their 30th Anniversary. It is well known that they routinely test their products under the hottest Desert conditions, so it is no wonder why they are experienced in their superior ability to create dry, comfortable golf apparel. Antigua is the preferred choice for many professional players including Payne Steward, Tom Watson, Bill Mayfair, Annika Sorestam, Richard Swift, the U.S. Ryer Cup Team, and Steve Stricker.... Read More...
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Good Looks: Is your Style on Par or do you need to work on your Fashion Handicap?

Inspiration for your own personal style is created from numerous sources.  Your personality, your preferences, your time, your dedication level, your comfort requirements, your hobbies, the size of your bank account, and other people.  But most of all, your style should be inspired by the moment you pass a mirror and say man, I look good today!... Read More...