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The Babe’s here, whose coming in second?

People often say pain is beauty.  The beauty of golf apparel is that it doesn’t have to be painful.  It has a rare ability to make you look stunning and feel comfortable at the same time.  There has been chatter that in general, people dress down more these days.  Maybe because it is more comfortable, maybe because people are too busy, or maybe because dress codes/norms aren’t as strict as they once were.  You have an excuse if are endowed with an unbelieveably high I.Q. like Albert Einstein, who tended to wear the same clothing every day because he couldn’t be bothered.... Read More...
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An Interview With Karen Lovick at Glove It

Sometimes fashion is about taking chances and being bold.  Setting trends is all about creating a look that you love and know others will too.  This is just what Karen Lovcik did when she created Glove IT Nicole Miller.  Here is an interview with Karen and a window into her company: What inspired you come up with the idea for Glove IT? My friends and I were having a...... Read More...