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Southern Hospitality in Lower Alabama or L.A.

Maybe you’ve been to all the other golf meccas in the United States, or maybe you’re looking to extend your golf season this fall or get a jump on it next spring or maybe the golf buddy trip isn’t working out this year and it’s time for a family vacation. No matter which way you slice it, Gulf Shores will fit the bill nicely.

Located along the Gulf of Mexico between Florida’s Panhandle and Mobile Bay is Alabama’s modest 32 mile coastline. The Gulf Shores area maybe be short in distance but more than makes up for it in quality amenities, golf and otherwise.

Maybe more importantly, the amenities are served up with a full dose of true Southern Hospitality, not the manufactured kind that was beaten into the help at corporate seminars, but the real and genuine kind that comes from the heart and from true Southern culture. Almost as importantly is the value in the many hospitality and golf offerings. The Gulf Coast of Alabama is a seriously good deal.


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