For the love of Golf, is there anyone out there who doesn’t need a mulligan now and then? 2ndGuyGolf is all about second chances, considering that the name itself reflects the golfer’s adage that the second guy always does it better. One might also say that 2GG isn’t just promoting mulligans in golf, but in life too.

2ndGuyGolf and 2ndGirlGolf are more than a growing golf apparel company. They are a charity organization. 2GG is actively involved in the local Arizona community where they are based, and they follow through on the company’s mission statement to use net profits from apparel sales to help those in need. Think it’s all talk? Just checkout 2GG’s regular Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter updates.

Founder Russ Oriz started 2ndGuyGolf after retiring from 11 years of professional baseball. The former MLB all-star pitcher was inspired to find a way to give back to those in need. It’s not surprising that Ortiz saw his other passion for golf as a great medium for charitable fundraising; he just managed to do so on a much larger scale through the success of his 2GG brand.

Ortiz has taken special care in ensuring the style and quality of his 2GG clothing line. The golfer logo is modest and stylish, the material is breathable and athletic, and there are a variety of designs to choose from. The men’s stripe patterned shirts and ‘Stripe Adjustable’ hats are especially cool, while 2ndGirlGolf sports a color driven fashion sense. Both lines promote a sharp, athletic look that’s built for sustained comfort. Clearly 2GG was designed with a ‘by golfers, for golfers’ mentality.

image2ndGuyGolf takes pride in sponsoring exemplary mini-tour players who might otherwise lack the support they need; especially in women’s golf which gets significantly less attention and funding. The 2GG team brings fun to its functions too; as witnessed through events such as their recent Golfer’s Social held at the popular Top Golf fun range for the Symetra Tour’s Gateway Classic kick-off. Other notable contributions include regular donations to “Feed My Starving Children” and similar charities.

It is clear that the guys behind the brand truly enjoy seeing their 2GG logos worn by people who play golf for the love of golf, who want to give back, and may even be spending their own last dimes on the game. After all, if you have to wardrobe yourself for the sport anyway, you might as well make the same purchase on quality clothes that pass it forward. As 2GG puts it, “All you have to do is play well and look good doing it”, generally followed by the hashtag #YouBuyWeGive.

To make your own “feel good, look good” purchases, go to 2ndguygolf.com. While you’re at it, follow 2GG for updates and tips on one of their social media feeds. I hear that Valentine’s Day Sales are just around the corner.


As always, remember to make your game your best accessory.


“The sexiest thing on any golfer is a great swing!” – Alicia Moon