Fashionable Capris in Golf

Originating from the Italian isle of Capri, three quarter length pants designed by Sonja de Lennart in 1948 became very popular there in the 50s and 60s, as it was a premier vacation destination. Grace Kelly was the first American movie star to wear Capris in Capri.


Photo courtesy of Pinterest

The fashion waned for decades but returned with a vengeance and now we have aisles of capris in any store or merchandise show. Golf apparel is no exception. Also referred to as crop pants, pedal pushers (first worn by cyclists), clam-diggers, flood pants, high waters or toreador pants, they are longer than shorts, typically reaching a length between the knee and calf. Here are a few of the best golf capris on the market:

EP New York has a 27” bi stretch pull on pedal pusher with pocket d-ring detail and a compression mesh inside panel, available in solid black or white

Jofit, “committed to having a style for everyone’s type and preference,” offers 3 versions – Elite Slimmer Pedal pusher in blue depth or black with a 15” inseam, Ladies Live In Golf Capris with a 22”inseam and the Belted cropped golf pant with a 28”inseam.

Swing Control has the most colorful options of Capris – The Classic comes in 9 colors, The Tropic is the most beautiful spring bouquet with a rainbow of brightness, Pocket Master in baby pink, stone or black, and the Club Capri with fine side stitching delivered in 7 shades.


Photo courtesy of Swing Control

Jamie Saddock’s Knee Capri has the classy embellishments you would expect from this stand out designer’s line. Jamie’s Skinnyliscious and Hugger versions of capris fly off the racks in Sugar, Nirvana, Yum Yum, Jet, Angelic, Aquarius, Mint Julep and Antigua, all with silver or gold trim.

Bette & Court’s Slim Sation Pull on Wide band in earth tone and light pink colors are wrinkle resistant for packing.

Tail Activewear runs the gamut with Chenille Capri in Latte, Jane, Sabra, Isabel, Ultimate toffee and Classic Heather gray styles.

Well that is just a sampling of the best but there are many more brands to choose your own favorite from the many aisles of Capris.