The most evolving apparel brand, Chase54, has officially announced its’ Spring 2015 Collection: DESTINATION54! This line offers a more expanded line of both golf and lifestyle apparel that presents a total of 13 fabric features and functions. With the newest technologies and designs, this globally inspired line is on the road to success.

Lulu Faddis, Chief Designer and Creative Director for Chase54, states, “Spring 2015 was inspired by dream destinations- Tuscany, Majorca, Sedona, Santorini and more. So much of Chase54’s existence evolves from the journey rather than the destination, paying tribute to our new tagline ‘FOR THE PURSUIT.’ The women’s collection features unique custom prints inspired by architecture and scenery. For men, details like reflective tape, plaid trims and tonal textures are indicative of how Chase54 takes golf apparel to a whole new level.”

Check out some of our favorite offerings of DESTINATION54:

The Sedona Line is inspired by the texture, dimension and depth of a beautiful landscape with outstandingly legendary beauty. The line is made to represent a “feel-good environment” for the game of golf. Within this line are several different apparel pieces for men, that include a Cyclone Polo, Outlook Pant and Owen Sweater (shown above).

The New Zealand Line merges the natural beauty of New Zealand with a women’s grouping. The line is inspired by pastureland, pristine lakes and scenic beaches, adding an adventure twist to nature. This line includes women’s apparel such as the Ridge Polo and Vivant Jacket (shown above).

The Santorini Line focuses on whitewashed homes and blue-domed churches. The inspiration from The Aegean seas and cliff experiences correlate with the game of golf, in giving life a new perspective. This line includes women’s apparel such as the Creil Maxi Dress in Capri (shown above).

Chase54’s new Spring 2015 line is the a great way to begin your spring season in absolutely stunning, modern apparel with the most comfortable fabrics in the game of golf!