G-Tech Apparel launches G-eneration 2: Cotton and Hydro-Thermal Heated Hoodies on Kickstarter. The campaign which began on December 15, 2016 and will run through January 15, 2017. The world’s most efficient heated hoodies are the the next step for G-Tech Apparel, and the next best thing in activewear.  The same patented technologies used in the hand warmer is now embedded into the front pocket of the G-eneration 2 Hoodies. Anyone who has ever suffered from cold hands knows the value of a product like this! Not only can they be used for a multitude of cold weather activities, it can also be incredibly beneficial for those who suffer from cold hand syndromes such as Raynaud’s or Arthritis.


It is important for your hands to feel warm…

Along with the G-Tech’s patented “Therma-Grip” Technology, the Hoodies also include Heat Capture Technology and Three Thermadjust Heat Settings. The Heat Capture Technology maximizes efficiency to trap heat within the font pouch when your hands are in use. Press down on the cuffs and let the Heat Capture fabric do the rest.  To control the warmth, easily cycle between (3) Thermadjust Heat Settings with the click of the LED button. The Hydro-Thermal Hoodies us the Hydro-Thermal Moisture Wicking, making it not only water resistant but traps the heat 50% better than cotton.  Both the cotton and Hyrdo-Thermal hoodies are fully machine washable, making it a must have in any wardrobe and a great gift!

Only a click away from instant heat

Become part of something great right at the beginning. The Kickstarter campaign began on December 15, 2016 and will run through January 15, 2017.  This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Sunday, January 15 2017 3:18 PM EST. Regardless of what purpose you choose to use the G-Tech Hoodies for, you will be one click away from instant heat.