The universal attraction to the game of golf is much like that of Barack Obama in that it has the ability to transcend generations, gender, class, race, and geographical locations. The rising popularity of golf fashion has become so remarkable that people are now wearing golf-inspired looks off-the-course such as argyle patterns, polo shirts made with innovative fabrics, golf inspired accessories, and brands developed by PGA players.

The game was made for expression, what better backdrop for color than the absolute serene beauty of dark green fairways and lush greenery. Golf is one of the only sports where the player is allowed to choose their own uniform. It’s time to get away from the vision of four guys wearing the same plain polo shirts withkhakis and embrace new clothing trends. Professional and amatueralike, which is better a great swing looking sharp or just agreat swing? Look better, feel better, play better.

Traditionally the sport was played in heavy wool and cottonclothing that restricted movement and lacked the flexibility of modern day fabrics. While woolen knickers may have been asign of the times in the early days of golf, fabrics and styles haveevolved to enable the player to adapt to almost all playing conditionsand temperatures. Technology has produced moisture wickingfabrics to stay dry, breathable fabrics to stay cool, fabrics withuv protection to block sunlight, stretch fabrics for flexibility, softerfabrics for comfort, sleeker cuts for appeal, invisibondinginstead of stitching for better performance, gear that is completelywaterproof, jackets with vents for regulated warmth, and zipperpockets for added convience. The possibilites are endless,you name it and it’s out there.

Doug Sanders was one of the early pioneers of extreme color with his nickname Peacock of the Fairways. Everyone remembers,he had shoes dyed specifically to match the color he waswearing that day. Ian Poulter’s followed wearing a pink shirtwith matching pink pants, pink shoes, pink hat, and pink golf bag. Paula Creamer may look stunning in this outfit, but for some reason Poulter can not pull it off quite as well. Men do look attractivein pink shirts, but limit this to the only pink item of clothing you own. One could argue they dressed this way to distract,annoy, or intimidate their opponents. Invision a classy gray shirtthat appears silver when it catches the sun. A piece of advice,never wear pants that look like they were made from a nationalflag! When Poulter wears outfits that are not as radical he canlook stylish. The unique designs on his clothing, bold colors, andplaid pants makes him look like he could be a golf fashion model. Jesper Parnevik also dresses absolutely fabulously with theexception of his flipped brim hat. He makes it work, but it shouldnot be imitated.

Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Aaron Baddeley, and AnthonyKim are the leaders in setting the fashion statements of today. Ifyou are looking for fashion inspiration, check out the outfits. Admit it, you have a certain power color or style that you feelmost comfortable in to play your best. Or one you wear to intimidateyour opponents for an important round. Who doesn’t wantto be like Tiger in his famous red polo on Sundays?The best dressed women golfers include Natalie Gulbis, PaulaCreamer, Michelle Wie, and Christie Kerr. Their form fittingapparel comprised of bright colors, skirts, and matching accessoriesgive them the perfect athletic yet chic look. Anna Rawsonalso has excellent fashion sense, she has striking similarities toAnna Kornikova with their careers transitioning from models toathletes.

At this year’s PGA show Nike, Adidas, Calloway, Norman,Ecco, and Ping showcased their new line of men’s apparel whichare consistantly top quality and the most popular brands..Standouts of the show were smaller companies. Brands likeQuagmire, Travis Matthews, Sligo, and Capito, showcased newinnovative colors and textures for 2009. For ladies, Lija, Nike,Nicole Miller, and Puma lead the way with some of the. Accessorizing in golf is important with shoes, belts, hats, umbrellas,head covers, and golf bags with matching handbags. Also for2009, high fashion brands are releasing new golf apparel andaccessory lines, names such as Chanel, Gucci, and Burberry.

It’s a new time for the game, it’s hot, it’s exciting, art has metexpression in golf. In 2009 at Augusta National, instead of the traditionalwhite caddy coveralls maybe they should go with brightyellow with green lettering. A bad day at golf looking great isbetter than just a bad day at golf, that 19th hole simply feels better.Then after you earned those Birdies, instead of the usualGreygoose, in the spirit of the theme make a switch to Malibu’sParrot Bay. And hey Mr. President what’s up with those khakisand cotton polo.