Imagine 2 flights of 45 ladies circling the carts, standing in line for the restroom and skins boards. There were accents from around the world. Style and color diversity reigned the field. Many showed up in no nonsense fashion with a simple pair of shorts and collared polo. On the other extreme, some donned dresses and bonnets as if it were an Easter parade, with balls and tees dyed to match.

While trying to focus on scoring well, I was distracted by the lovely and/or unique ensembles. My golf fashion curiosity about brands and sources had me questioning and looking for labels behind their necks if they couldn’t remember – with permission of course. If you didn’t know, stylish women LOVE to be asked about their outfit. Some gals like to mix their top and bottom brands, like the Loudmouth shark shorts with a Jamie Saddock top. Hey, it worked. Val from Abilene looked cute in plaid Slazenger shorts and a Nike top.

Multiple dresses (is this becoming a real trend?) donned the scene each day and no two alike. They were either Tail or EP NY. Stacy was one who loves her dresses and also the EP NY shorts “because they are a little bit longer.” One gal had a cute pink Izod outfit and confessed that she only buys them at the outlet store when they go down to $4. Gee, that’s a deal. Jennifer on the other hand only purchases her beautiful EPNY outfits from the Palm Beach Golf Center close to home. She doesn’t care what big box store comes in, loyalty counts because “they carry it all.” New to me was an Icikuls top which I mistook for a long sleeve SanSoleil.

Susan from Gibson Bay in Kentucky received her Antigua Jewel Polo at the Greenbriar ProAm. The day I wore my blue Embrace Antigua skort, several asked about the brand and size, so they could order the right fit for them according to how they thought their body compared. That made me wonder what size they were calculating but that, I decided not to ask. The bottom edge of the skort is mesh which gives it a cooler feel as does the Desert Dry Extra Lite fabric. Another cooler item that match every outfit are the silver Sandbaggers Grace sandals. An envied accessory was the Golf Buddy LD2 watch with Swarovski crystals that aided all my foursomes with not only yardage to front, back and center but also the distance to hazards.

Only the top winner of each flight vied for the world championship but we all looked pretty good. The World Am(azing) is a blast for meeting new friends and fashions during the four rounds and at the Largest 19th hole.


Photo credit: World Am Facebook Page