At first thought, staying warm is the first priority in cold weather, but staying dry is much more important. Novice cold weather enthusiasts pile on the layers while experienced ones pay close attention to fabric detail in each layer to ensure they stay dry. The first layer should be a technical fabric with both wicking and drying properties. Once the base layer is wet with sweat in cold weather, it is all over, there is no chance of warming up. The second layer should be the insulation layer, just like a house is built. Cashmere and Merino wool are the natural selection because of the vital insulation, soft, and wicking properties.   Cotton best worn when the weather comfortably cool, it will not keep you warm in the bitter cold! Finally, the third layer should be a flexible yet heavy windbreaker, and if necessary waterproof, jacket. Don’t forget wool socks, leather shoes, gloves, and a warm hat.


Chase54 continues to help chase perfection when it comes to cold weather apparel. The Damon long sleeve is absolutely for year round play as it has a heavier weight. Made from Chase54’s amazing DRYFUZE poly spandex blend, it is an essential piece of any winter wardrobe. The moisture wicking properties and stretch mobility is like a second skin. The fit of the shirt and cuff width will ensure no bunching when putting on the second layer. The Ethan polo shown here in Platinum is a little lighter weight but still made with moisture wicking DRYFUZE™ and a soft, comfortable, 2-tone twill poly spandex.

chase54 golf long sleeve phipps-dusk chase54 ethan

Think climate change isn’t real? When Buffalo, NY spends their entire yearly snow removal budget mid-November we may want to think again. Chase54 uses green technology Coffee yarn derived from recycled coffee grounds that is then blended with polyester. Phipps is a long sleeved 56% Polyester / 44% recycled S. café double pique blend. DRYFUZE ELITE ™ technology combines extreme moisture wicking, quick drying, and superior breathability. Fashionable styling offers function post 18 holes, the button raglan cuff detail popping out of a sweater will give a refined look to any winter wardrobe. Shop the entire collection at Chase54.com


golf pants Aristo18

Golfing in New England this time of year requires wearing a base layer pant as well, with the same drying and wicking properties. The second layer ideally is Merino Wool for pants and sweaters because of the warmth and wicking properties. Aristo18 extensive in-stock program consisting of over 15,000 pair of trousers was established to provide an unprecedented level of service to pro shops. They currently have a select few on their website for consumer purchase, shop.aristo18.com. A stain resistant Nanotex treatment is also great for keeping out the wind combined with high quality heavy weight super 140’s fabrics infused with modern technologies like stretch for real world performance on-and-off the course.

merino-golf sweaters

Made from Zegna Baruffa superfine Italian merino wool with sophisticated, timeless styling, each one of the 24 colored sweaters have been developed to perfectly match a variety of wool trousers. The wool these days is not your grandfathers’, luckily technology has come a long way in making the already soft, yet heavy duty, Merino wool more comfortable with stretch properties. This in-stock merino wool program offers bespoke craftsmanship that is sure to keep golfers warm. Subtle elegant details that represent the spirit of a refined golf lifestyle as it is worn on and off the course. Aristo Eighteen provides each color available in V-Neck, or Quarter-Zip, in sizes S-XXXL. After your round, switch the windbreaker for an Aristo18 sport coat to put on over the Merino wool sweater in the club or to dinner, visit shop.aristo18.com.


linksoul golf sweater

It’s extremely apparent that LINKSOUL is from Southern California with one glance at their golf sweaters. If you are lucky enough to live in a “warmer” climate (it seems it’s been cold everywhere lately) like SoCal, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Alabama, Florida, or South Carolina, Cotton may be the best option for layers. Due to the extremely breathable nature of cotton, air is able to pass through and release those few extra degrees at a faster rate. Wool and polyester allow perspiration to be released at a slower rate, exactly what you want if the air is really cold, but can trap it if not. Cotton is also a sustainable crop, where as some technical fabrics are made from chemicals that have unknown consequences on the environment.

linksoul french rib

The uniquely printed horizontal fine stripe styling of the Stripe 4-way stretch wind jacket is unmatched. The micro stripe and chest pocket are extremely classy and eye catching. It is wind and water resistant so again it works well in southern climates but we wouldn’t wear it as a top layer in New England in November. Linksoul makes it easy to shop for layers at  linksoul.com



For wind, rain, and cold ProQuip’s exclusive ultra-lightweight waterproof breathable fabric and designed to provide lots of freedom matched with top flight all weather protection. Plus there’s another very nice feature, the Trophy Suit does not crease, meaning it’s great for travel and even after spending days or weeks jammed into a golf bag it still looks good.

ProQuip also has a quality cold weather Lambswool Knitwear outwear garment made with a water repellent finish so that in light rain, moisture beads and doesn’t soak in. The fabric is woven from two strands of British woolen yarn twisted together providing lots of durability. Uniquely this wool is machine washable, may be tumble dried and after drying a warm pressing helps the water repellent quality.  Visit proquipgolfusa.com.

To see new fabric technology first hand we recommend going for a jog in the winter until you start to perspire. When you return home the perspiration should be on the outside of the jacket while the under layers remain mostly dry, even if you wear three layers. The technology truly is amazing!