What is unique about the New York Golf Center experience?

We are one of the greatest golf shops on earth. What makes us special is the combination of things under one roof, from fashion, to club fitting, footwear, along with the ability for golfers to test out their new gear and equipment at our driving facility. Usually shops only focus on one segment of the market and make it their specialty. Not only do we carry all the core brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armor, we have an extensive collection of boutique fashion like J.Lindeberg, Greg Norman, and Wolsey. We also just signed a brand new exclusive deal where we will be the only golf retailer to carry Bonobos golf apparel. We focus on being able to provide more options for a variety of golfers from risk takers to basic khakis wearers. We have a huge selection and we’re always keeping it fresh. We are collection driven and we’re always changing, in a month in a half it’s a whole new store. We are always looking to stay ahead of the curve and cutting edge. We are for people who want to look good and be special so we offer a unique experience.


How large are the golf centers?

18,000 square feet in our three downtown Manhattan locations. Herald Square on 35th St., Grand Central on Park Ave, and Chelsea Piers where our driving facility overlooks the Hudson River. It allows us compete on level of big box chain stores while giving a competitive advantage to core golfers with a boutique feel. We offer custom fitting for equipment and the chance to demo it to allow for the ultimate enjoyable experience.



You custom fit golf clubs, do you also make custom recommendations for what brand of apparel or golf shoes are best for golfers individual styles?

Yes, our sales staff is extremely educated and go through extensive training.  They also love golf and often test the gear themselves so they know what to recommend. They not only focus on what the hot styles trend wise, but also the technical aspects. As golf involves more and more technology we can lead golfers in the right direction with a concierge like service.

Do all three locations carry the same products?

Yes for the most part, the largest location Herald Square has the most to offer, then Park Avenue, and Chelsea is smaller with a pro shop atmosphere. The unique core philosophy is being the number one source for all golf products, if you are using the driving facility and need to try out a golf shirt or golf shoes, we offer that ability.

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What type of clientele visit the store?

Our central location and the international destination of New York City give us an unbelievable range of clients. From the finance crowd, to park avenue residents, to world travelers, as well commuters from Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut and all over New England from the Amtrak. Many Europeans and Asians love our selection because the products we carry aren’t available where they live.

Have you had any professional golfers in the store?

Yes, being in New York City we see a lot of celebrities, of course I can’t name names. We have players from major sports teams, newscasters, actors, actresses, and we always know when a politician is coming to visit because they have a huge team of security and secret service.

Do you hold any events there?

Yes, we have launch events for new products and ladies groups. We hosted a launch for a new mobile app for golf, golfers looking for people to play with. It’s great for meeting new people, staying connected with the community, or if you are traveling and need to find people to play golf with.


What kind of accessories do you carry?

We have fashion forward staples, we also have the best selection of head covers. They are humorous because while we respect the tradition of the game, a major part of golf is having fun.

Do you have a favorite brand or golf shoe?

J. Lindeberg and Puma have great styles out right now. For golf shoes, we have so many options from soft spikes or wingtips but I would have to say Ecco and long time leader Footjoy.