After golf our feet want a little comfort, some oohs and ahs.

The most popular ladies’ sandal for comfort and style is the Oka B. Any spa goer is familiar with their ergonomic foot bed guided by therapeutic principles of reflexology. Their enhanced massage beads, arch support and sculpted heel cup will pamper your every step. Proprietary microplast technology provides a lightweight, flexible shoe that remains comfortable and durable and fits into any little pocket or bag.

Cute thongs, slides, ballet flats and sling backs are stylish in a rainbow of colors with a wide array of adornments. OKA b. shoes are slip-resistant, providing stability on wet or dry surfaces. The colorful shoes won’t leave any marks and scratches on floors. They are machine washable, easy to sanitize and never fade. The non-absorbent fabrication resists the growth of bacteria, odor, and mildew to keep your feet clean and healthy. And they have the arch support you cannot find in most other flats. Made in the USA, the family owned company actively supports and fosters community building in Atlanta and around the globe through various philanthropic initiatives.

OOFOS launched their line of sandals a couple years ago that the owners claim can change your life. A group of outdoor enthusiasts researched the market for a “recovery footwear” to alleviate the pain and discomfort from such activity. It is all about the cushion that makes them like walking on down pillows combined with memory foam. While traditional EVA foam was developed for comfort, the arch support was often missing. The OOFOS team introduced the first closed cell foam slipper that created a biomechanical foot bed. This recovery technology is lightweight, allowing for an extra layer of foam for incredible comfort. The high arch relieves the joints, knee and hip stress points associated with excessive workouts.

That covers the oohs and ahs of après golf footwear.