Attention all men! The majority of us fall into the following categories when it comes to buying golf clothes:

-We hate shopping.

-We have no time to shop.

-We don’t know the first thing about matching what we wear.

If only there was a way to get the latest golf apparel by simply sitting on your couch? Well, you’re in luck! Short Par 4 will deliver a custom built style directly to your doorstep. Short Par 4 is your very own personal wardrobe caddie. Through a 5-step process, Short Par 4 gets to know your size and style. They will then prepare your gear and send it right to your front door. Once you receive your package, try on your selections- keep the pieces you like and send back the ones you don’t. It’s that simple! Additionally, all pieces from Short Par 4 are discounted 20% versus retail. Your very own personal shopper will not only allow for more convenience, but will save you money!

The guys from Short Par 4 put me to the test. First, I selected what style I prefer out of the three options: Traditional, Athletic and Loud. Then, I set up my style by filling in my shirt, pant, shoe, hat and glove size. I entered my email address, billing address and shipping address to finalize “my look.” Short Par 4 looks through are Callaway, Ashworth, LinkSoul, Travis Mathew, Oakley, Matte Grey and many more quality brands. A few weeks later, my personalized style box was at my door.



Short Par 4’s style caddy sent me the following gear: Ashworth EZ SOFT polo and Performance Solid Stretch Flat Front Pant, Callaway Opti-Soft Cotton Polo, Chevron Flat Front Pant and Gust 2.0 Short Sleeve Jacket and Puma Crew socks. Every box additionally comes with a Short Par 4 ball maker, divot tool and club brush.

Make sure you look 100% great 100% of the time this season and sign up at ShortPar4.com today!

-Paul Mignosa