For the final week of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it seems fitting to share excerpts from Golftini Owner & Designer, Susan Hess’ recent email to customers and friends. Her women’s clothing apparel has really taken off in a couple short years. Focusing on manufacturing mainly skorts and tops, she now partners to bring complementary products to her clients – Ladyskinz leggings, Aerogreen shoes and Dolly Mama Designs for visors. She has incorporated pink in her designs from the beginning and now we know why as she explains her passion-

Susan Hess“I am not a survivor of Breast Cancer but I am a survivor. I lost my mom to Breast Cancer when I was 15 years old.  Back then there were no therapy groups to attend; no walks to walk in; and no rallying of support like we see today.  It was scary.  My brother, sister, and I had to find our own way. We all took different paths to deal with the loss. My path to dealing with my mom’s death was delayed until I was the age she was diagnosed.  At age 35, I started walking in the Avon Breast Cancer walks.  Every dollar I raised, every step I took, and everyone that I met along the way was part of my healing process, a way to grieve, and a way to give back.  I walked in the next four Breast Cancer walks.  I started in NYC, and then went to Chicago, Boston and back to NYC.  I raised tons of money and met amazing women, all of whom had their own stories.  I finally realized…I wasn’t alone. This feeling of community empowered Screen_Shot_2014_07_03_at_1.30.04_PM__37178.1404409028.1280.1280me to tell my story more often and to encourage women to get screened. I truly believe that every tragedy and every blessing in your life makes you who you are at this very moment.  At this moment, I wouldn’t change a thing.

My mother died at the same age that I started my company.  I always wonder… what would she have done if she had lived ten more years?  What could she have done?   She was a talented, smart, dynamic woman who touched my heart forever.  I think she would be proud of me.  That gives me the strength to keep going when things get really hard. So, if I have anyone’s attention while I’m up on my soapbox, this is what I would say: BE DIFFERENT.  Don’t just write a check to someone who is raising awareness.  Instead, look them right in the eye and say THANK YOU!

Unknown-6Do self-exams and get a mammogram yearly. Thank a survivor for fighting the fight.  Everyone who beats it…we are one step closer to finding a cure.

Be Grateful each day. Live your life as if there is no tomorrow!  (Within reason, of course) Live, Laugh, Love…Be the best you!

Golftini Pink Label – Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness – Coming Soon!” In January at the PGA show, Susan will reveal her new pink labeling and partnerships to support breast cancer awareness. She says, “People know (about mammograms) but they get lazy. If I can help one person, then I’ve helped one person.”

Yes of course, her mother would be proud. www.golftiniwear.com