Types of Golf Hats That Might Describe Your Personality

Everyone has their taste in hats, some may even go hatless. A hat can be a good way to judge someone’s personality. Next time you get paired up with a random guy for your weekend tee time, use this as a guide to quickly see what kind of person they are.

A baseball hat that has nothing to do with golf (company, sports team): Get ready for a lengthy round. Most likely this guy plays once a blue moon. After you see his sweat stained Heineken hat, take a look at his clubs, they will probably follow suit. They probably sit in his basement next to the boiler covered in dust in the month spans he doesn’t golf. But don’t worry this round is going to be fun. He may not be the best golfer but he’ll make your round fun. He probably snuck a cooler on with a 12 pack of light beer. He isn’t going to have the prettiest swing but he won’t miss a fairway. And at the end of the day he’s going to shoot surprisingly low. This round may not include talk about GIR’s and club head speed but it will be a fun round.

Golf Hat

Bryson DeChambeau wearing his favorite golf hat (Photo by David Cannon)

Ben Hogan/Bryson DeChambeau Style hat: This guy is either 200 years old or is a hipster. Unless you grew up idolizing Ben Hogan, I don’t see who in this universe would think this is a logical golf hat. DeChambeau wearing it makes sense, he is kind of a weird guy. He’s the poster boy for golf hipsters. But if you wear this hat and you’re not elderly, you need to revaluate your wardrobe.

Flat brim golf hat: There are many different styles of a flat brim hat. You have a flex fit flat brim that most dads wear when they are trying to be trendy. You also have the flat brim snapback which most of todays young kids sport. These were made popular by Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler. Last but not least, the trucker style flat brim. This is most likely a frat boy or college kid. These kids probably will drink 3-4 beers per hole and still play well. He will probably flip it backwards at the turn to “give him extra luck”. He will probably drive the ball off the fairway a few times too because he saw it online and thought it was cool.

Sun hat: Another staple for the older gentlemen. But also a hat that every could wear. This hat screams “I’m out for a casual round, please don’t ask me what my distances are”. Two ice Bud Light Lime in both cup holders and your Sunday bag on the back of the cart, just enjoying a day away from the wife and kids.

Golf Hat

Bubba Watson showing off his full head of hair with his visor golf hat. (Photo by: Coop Samuels)

Visor: If it is a high crown visor, get ready for a rule stickler and a PGA tournament type round. He has already been at the driving range for an hour by the time you show up for your tee time. The logo on his high crown is probably from the pro-am he played in five years ago and wants people to ask him about it. But if it is your normal traditional visor, you’re in luck. He is probably your everyday average joe that thinks he has a great head of hair, and probably does. He loves the game of golf but not the technicalities. Takes unlimited drops and could careless to take score. Someone we all should aspire to be.

No hat: Most likely, this guy is a little on the crazy side. Enough said. Go buy him a hat in the pro shop.

Traditional golf hat with brand on it: This is going to be a hard judge. This could say a million different things. Your everyday golfer wears these, your PGA Pro wears these, your hack wears these and people who have never even stepped foot on a golf course wear these.

With all that being said, this is a generalization. Don’t print this out and read from it next time you go to the course or you may piss some people off. Based on experience and stories, they are true more often than not.