Next year Bobby Jones, the golf apparel company with the iconic name, will celebrate 25 years in business. After a series of buyouts and financial uncertainty the company is now a division of W Diamond Group and has a new president, industry veteran Andy Bell.

In the spirit of its namesake, the products Bobby Jones markets are the definition of class, using only premium quality materials to create classic, timeless designs that exude confidence on and off the course. The brand which is sold in private clubs, resorts and golf courses around the world is looking to burnish its reputation with a new line of apparel reflecting both their history and hopes.

BobbyJonesSpr132004One of Bobby Jones’ most vibrant selections for 2013, this ensemble features the XH20 Cool Plus Tailored Collar Pique Knit polo ($82.50) in Daiquiri paired with the brand’s popular Solid Pique Pima Cotton Vest ($115) also in Daiquiri.  For a twist on the look, check out the Daiquiri XH20 Cool Plus Pique Pinstripe Knit polo ($79.50).  Both options pair well with the sleek Garment Dyed Casual Cotton Pant ($98.50) in white.

This selection affords golfers unmistakable style on theBobbyJonesSpr131995 course or at the 19th hole.  It features Bobby Jones’ signature Liquid Cotton Shadow Stripe polo ($85) in Iris complemented by the brand’s new Leaderboard Pima Cotton Pullover ($145), also in Iris.  Finishing off the perfect look, the tops pair with the trendy Garment Dyed Casual Cotton Pant ($98.50) in white.

BobbyJonesSpring13(1986)For a look sure to impress at the 19th hole, Bobby Jones offers its classic Bunker Plaid Woven shirt ($125) in 3 new tastefully distinct colors (Turquoise, Fresh Green and Raspberry).