Nothing says golf in the spring like the opening day of play at Augusta National Golf Club in sunny Georgia. This year marks the sixty-fifth time a green jacket will be awarded to the Masters champion.

The initial wearing of the green jacket dates back to 1937. Members of Augusta National golf course would wear green jackets in order for patrons to know who to ask questions from. These jackets were originally purchased from New York City’s Brooks Uniform Company, made of-to the chagrin of the wearers-heavy green wool. A few years later, Augusta National began to custom make green jackets for their members through the club’s golf shop.

“The single breasted, single vent Jacket’s color is ‘Masters Green’ and is adorned with an Augusta National Golf Club logo on the left chest pocket. The logo also appears on the brass buttons,” according to the Masters website.

Beginning in 1949, the green jacket was awarded to the winners of the Masters Tournament, a sign of initiation into the club of Masters champions. For the past 30 years, Hamilton Tailoring Company based of Cincinnati has made the green jackets given to the winners. Chairman Ed Heimann of Hamilton Tailoring last purchased a 500-yard bolt of the infamous green fabric twenty-four years ago, enough to make over 200 jackets.

Each jacket takes approximately one month to put together, between the painstaking


addition of custom brass buttons, and personal tailoring.

After being awarded to the winner, the green jacket remains at Augusta National. Winners will receive their own custom made jacket in the weeks following their win. The names of the winners are stitched inside on a label. After their win, the champion must bring the green jacket back to Augusta after one year, never to wear the jacket outside the club again.

As per tradition, the winner of last year’s Masters will place the green jacket on the shoulders of the 2014 champion. (This is marked by the 1966 exception of Jack Nicklaus, who won two consecutive years and had the honor of placing the jacket on himself.) Other two-time winners like Tiger Woods and Nick Faldo donned the jacket with the assistance of the chairman of Augusta National.