NEW Spring 2016 Women’s Performance Collection From Antigua

NEW Spring 2016 Women's Performance Collection From Antigua

New from Antigua, the Spring 2016 Women’s Performance Collection combines polyester, spandex, special prints, and remarkable jewel tone color palettes. This LPGA Tour-tested collection features light to mid-weight overtops through the assortment of polos and sheerless polos.


“During the development of the Spring 2016 collection, I felt a desire to be more conservative with styling and therefore spent my time focusing on fabrication,” says Danielle Dellios, head of women’s design at Antigua. “The activewear marketplace has reached its threshold and consumers are inundated with product offerings. Every brand has its version of ‘ath-leisure’ clothing, so it was up to our design team to create something unique. I found myself wanting to refine the overall look of the collection by eliminating any trend-specific details and keep styling at a minimum. By doing so, the collection evolved into something more sophisticated and classic.”


Geometric patterns have been strong in the marketplace for a full year now, so stylesRadical, Ascent, Modern and Champ emerged — each featuring a version of abstract triangle prints. Radical and Champ are both white body styles with a pop of color, whereas Modern and Ascent are color body styles with tonal variations of the print. The sporty aspect of these styles lends itself to the more active customer who wants to look athletic on the course.


The color palette for Spring 2016 focuses on highly saturated jewel tones. “We felt the neon colors were slowly fading away and the more basic, primary colors were coming into play,” says Dellios. “Color direction in the sportswear market has been stagnant, so we took our cues from high fashion and made our our version of a primary palette. For the first time in years, we decided not to run pint, but instead picked a bright clean red called Fire.” Other colors include a true kelly green called Verdant, a vibrant royal blue named Hypnotic, a sunshine yellow aptly named Sunburst, and lastly a step away from the traditional purple with a more berry color called Mardi Gras. These primary jewel tones are paired with black and white throughout the collection.

The Antigua brand is one of the leading designers of golf lifestyle and apparel. The Spring 2016 Women’s Performance Collection activewear makes a great gift for Mother’s Day.