What’s fancier than a slick looking, tour player approved belt with no holes? One that also safe keeps your ball marker!


Nexbelt belts even feature a secret place for your ball marker.

Nexbelt has been earning the respect of golfers worldwide through the company’s clear commitment to offering the most innovative and technologically advanced products available. Say Goodbye to the old pin and buckle system! Nexbelt has trademarked a new racheting system calledPreciseFit technology, that offers maximum comfort and adjustability in a variety of highly fashionable styles.

From mix and match customizable options to the latest in Nexbelt’s innovative designs, what is there not to like! With so many unique belts to choose from, it’s simply hard to go wrong. Did you forget your ball marker? That’s ok. Nexbelt belts feature a hidden compartment for that too. Gadget lovers, innovators, and stylish golfers looking for the latest in simple luxury and fashion forward trends should consider adding Nexbelt to the wish list this holiday season.

As for the PGA tour professionals already wearing Nexbelt belts, find out which items made it onto their holiday wish lists!:

Nexbelt Founders Tom Hunsucker and Eddie Rowland sat down with Kevin Na, Jarred Lyle, and Jason Bohn at TPC Summerlin to ask a variety of questions in order to showcase a more personable side to these Nexbelt golfers. Here’s what each had to say about his favorite golf course. Jason Bohn’s answer was met with laughter:

“You know you really don’t get to see who these Tour Players are when you watch them on TV.” said Nexbelt co-founder Eddie Rowland about their Q&A round table discussion. “They’re all super focused on their golf game and their true personalities aren’t revealed. But when you get a chance to sit down with them, behind the scenes like this, you get to see just how real they are and how hilarious they can be.”

Did you know that Jason Bohn’s favorite playing partner ever was a female? For the full Nexbelt Round-Table Q&A, watch here:

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