TrueBlue® Fairway glasses

Many sunglasses look very smart but may not be giving your eyes the protection you need. Sundog Eyewear is another story. Unlike many lenses, Sundog’s TrueBlue lenses uniquely filter harmful blue light, the glaring, blurring kind of light that can lead to macular degeneration. Blue light also manages the rhythms that control our sleep and wake cycles thus serving as a sleep aid in resetting our clock and resting our brains.  

By wearing your Sundogs, short-term eye fatigue is reduced and your eyes are protected from long-term vision damage. You also still see colors the way they should be seen.  On the golf course, that means green is green.

HIGH REZ Sundog TrueBlue BOSS Polarized BOSS

TrueBlue® Boss Polarized sunglasses

All the scientific benefits aside, Sundog styles are truly cool and the prices typically ranging between $49.99 and $89.99 are much less than similar quality shades.  There is the TrueBlue® Boss Polarized sunglasses and the sleek charcoal DASH TrueBlue model. TrueBlue® Fairway glasses are designed for golf with clean lines and comfortable fit and ATTACK features an aggressive open frame design constructed of extreme lightweight MaxFlex RILSAN® with metal-core adjustable Megol nose pads. Default TruBlue® is a spin on classic with an innovative twist with an integrated smooth-fit nose pad and punchy color- burst temple logos. sundogeyewear.com.