PGA Tour Golf Simulators

aboutGolf, has been pushing the limits of indoor golf for 25+ years.
The leading company in simulators and golf performance technology, aboutGolf is a proud partner of Golf Channel and the PGA Tour, but recently the simulator giant decided to shake some things up to continue their reputation of innovation and quality.
aboutGolf’s shareholders have appointed a new board and management team. The head of the company’s next chapter is Executive Chairman Brett Campbell and CEO/President Randall Henry.
Henry talks about the opportunity, “aboutGolf has world-leading technology and products that set the standard,” he said. “To complement that, we have a great mix of people across the board. I have worked closely with them before and look forward to it again.”
aboutGolf is trying to add to their already impressive offerings in the world of golf. They currently offer some of the best simulators sponsored by the PGA Tour, and technology and software to custom fit clubs. Utilizing their advanced swing video analysis toolset teachers can visually show students things that they would never be able to see with the naked eye.
aboutGolf offers things such as Balance Pro that is pressurized sensors on the ground that let you see where your weight is and how your stance can be effecting your golf swing.


Balance Pro

Their patented Flix, is proven technology to help you stop slicing the ball so badly like you always have. This technology isn’t just a gimmick; this stuff will help your golf game unlike any teacher on the driving range could. Visually seeing the way your swing and balance are making you play bad is a much easier way to fix things. And then when you make the changes, you see the instant results thanks to aboutGolf technology.
No matter the time of year, simulators are sometimes way more valuable than hitting the real driving range.
Give technology a chance with this one.