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The human spirit is about continuous improvement, to always get better, smarter, more advanced, and ultimately more efficient. Building upon previous discovered solutions rather than discarding them, adding to the repertoire of man made technologies to make the best quality of life possible. If you are not growing, you are dying. Growing meaning learning, adapting, changing, and experiencing new moments. The weather is becoming more unpredictable, making it harder to dress each day. We have heard it millions of times; it is record breaking hot this year. Fashion gurus rely on designers to continue to advance, change, and solve problems like these.

When most New Englanders think of California, hot, sunny beaches come to mind however, the weather this year in San Francisco and Pebble Beach has been extremely cool and cloudy, while weather in New England has been extremely hot and humid. Antigua tested their shirts in these areas and conquered this fashion challenge with an even more advanced mentality for creating versatile garments. There are so many days where the weather calls for extremely lightweight knit long-sleeve Desert Dry Xtra Light technological soft microfiber pieces. They discovered lightweight long-sleeve shirts are what people are looking for, with demand increasing from about 5% to 20%. On hot days, the fabric blocks the sun to keep your skin cooler, is breathable to allow for a cool breeze, and wicks the sweat off you for ultimate comfort. If it’s cool, it keeps you a warmer with the layer of fabric between the elements and your skin. What you can expect from Antigua this season is different fabric weights and blends using mostly what could be described as a soft running style material in place of traditional polo or cotton materials because it simply performs the best.

New this season is Performance 72, the number symbolizing the standard par for the course, where each piece of a color story has a matching hangtag. What sets it apart is it makes it easy to keep the collection together in pro shops and retailers so golfers can envision what the outfit looks like and figure out how many pieces they want to buy. Not separate performance items but an entire collection for men’s and women’s short sleeve, long sleeve, bottoms, outer pieces, accessories such hats newly designed hat to match, together with trimmed packaging. The whole collection has been extremely well received. Check all the apparel out at www.antigua.com.


Shoulders back, head up! Hopefully we’ve all had someone watch our back to let us know good posture improves respiration and oxygen flow to the brain and muscles. If not, IntelliSkin has got your back as their products help reduce back, neck and shoulder pain, support proper spinal alignment, minimize the risk of injury associated with poor posture and stimulate and tone muscles.

The product line was developed through Dr. Tim Brown’s extensive sports medicine work with volleyball players, surfers and other elite athletes but is tailored for everyday individuals looking to improve their overall well being. Featuring a unique technical design that impacts key areas of the spine and shoulders, IntelliSkin conforms to the individual’s back as a second skin and gradually reshapes these areas for improved posture. Specific compression enhanced biomechanics help reduce fatigue to improve the way you look, feel, perform and live.

The IntelliSkin PostureCue™ V-Tee ($95) is designed with the Executive in mind, whether in front of a computer at the office, on a plane, sitting on the freeway in traffic or at the gym. Featuring a light material creates a moderate pull on the shoulders that results in a more comfortable wear for longer periods of time. Sports mesh provides improved breathability, along with spine and scapular alignment. Its solid white design and v-neck collar allows the shirt to remain out of sight while wearing under a dress or collared shirt.

The brand is worn by some of the biggest names in sports and fitness: PGA champion Mike Weir, newly crowned 11-time ASP world champion surfer Kelly Slater and Florida Marlins infielder Greg Dobbs. In addition, musicians such as former Guns n’ Roses guitarist Duff McKagan and Glenn Frey from the Eagles need help with posture improvement from years of guitar back. Other product ambassadors include a range of fitness trainers from around the country, such as Andrea Orbeck, trainer to Heidi Klum and Usher among others.

Win free brand gear from now through October 4th by liking IntelliSkin on Facebook. Then submit your IntelliSkin experience, using the @IntelliSkin tag and the three best IntelliSkin stories will be selected. Or purchase gear at www.intelliskin.net.

Pukka Headwear

Defining the future of headwear, Pukka enables everyone to make a unique style statement by becoming your own personal designer using the Pukka complete customization platform. The hardest part is going to be choosing one of the great styles and colors matching your personality and taste from the large selection. Pick from original contrasts, fit, type of stitching, shapes, colors, fabrics, patterns, appliqués, brim details, design graphics and location of logos. Perfect for golf tournaments, country clubs, the entourages of PGA players, college teams or even make it as personal as a wedding. The no hassle program features 30-day turn-around times, unparalleled embroidery quality and graphic capabilities, no shipping costs and no set-up charges or digitizing fees.

Pukka means “original, first class quality.” That’s not only their motto; it’s the core of the company culture and embodies every cap they produce. If you’ve ever worn a Pukka cap, you know the feeling of headwear perfection. With a passion for originality, design and fit, they have set the standard on customization for over a decade. The Air Mesh fabric is extremely comfortable…it feels like a light padding with wicking and quick dry capabilities. Pukka’s Classic Collection uses unique patchwork and label combinations to give a traditional category of headwear a truly timeless touch.

Other lines include Pukka’s Executive Collection, a simple yet eye-catching headwear presentation combining clean lines, rich embellishments, with black, white and gray tones. Other team sports are available such as baseball and football as well as winter hats. For women, it is hard to know which type of hat will look great with the shape of your head and face. Thankfully, Pukka’s Ladies Collection takes the guesswork out of looking stylish by combining unique embellishments, fabrics, color combinations and prints to give your headwear an original sense of style.

Pukka has a group of LPGA professionals who have designed personalized hats with the help of leading product developers and designers to deliver original, high quality headwear solutions. Including Nicole Smith who choose her colors, designed her own cap, and logo! Logos are so meaningful they can be hard to create but with the help of the Pukka designers she was able to design one that represents her style and create a symbol that people can recognize her by. She gave them out to friends and family who loved them. “Simple, bold and incredible” is how she described the experience.

Probably one of the hardest designs is creating a visor for a lady with a smaller head because the visors are prone to puckering, being too large and making ears look strange. Nicole Hage who is beautiful but has a smaller head has created her own custom visor with her sponsors logos using Pukka’s platform and it looks fantastic on her. Other LPGA professionals who have their own caps include Kathleen Ekey, Mallory Blackwelder, Brittany Johnston, Victoria Elizabeth, Annie Brophy & Briana Vega. Visit www.pukkainc.com.


So you’ve decided to start walking 18 holes and carrying your bag to adopt a healthier lifestyle, only to have to worry about punching 18 holes in your belt for each pound lost. This incredible technology advancement from NexBelt (without holes) is ingeniously engineered to solve all the previous issues with belts. The clever ratcheting system makes it quick and easy to put on, take off and adjust. They come in two sizes – one for a 28 to 40 inch waist and the other with a 38 to 50 inch waist with the ability to adjust more precisely in one quarter inch increments compared to the pin and buckle system which only allows one inch adjustments. This means that you will always find the perfect fit for ultimate comfort because our weight fluctuates daily between meals. Nexbelt encourages weight loss with a waist-measuring tool and solves the problem of constantly buying new belts.

The Golf line offers the same PreciseFit technology and stylish design but takes it one step further by having the buckle face flip down to reveal a hidden ball marker. Buckles come in three basic shapes: one that looks like the classic buckle/pin, a rectangle and an X. The rectangle ones can be customized to match color of the belt, a pattern or a customized logo. Customized NexBelts are excellent for country clubs, PGA entourages, business gifts, sports teams, your logo or work or school uniforms. You will find the golf belts so comfortable and stylish that you will wear it even when you’re not golfing. With a variety of styles, versatile NexBelts can complete each outfit, from khakis on the course, denims for out on the town and even boardroom attire.

Save time getting through security for airplane travels: the buckle has a quick release that allows you to remove it and put in the plastic bin while the rest of the belt can stay in the loops. A variety of versatile buckles and belts can be mixed and matched to make different looks and outfits. NexBelts are packaged in clear boxes for clean display at golf pro shops and other retailers. An advance for retailers: they eliminate the need to carry belts in numerous sizes and styles which frees up more space and reduces inventory headaches. Visit their Web site at www.NexBelt.com.

Bionic Gloves

Bionic is the only golf glove designed by an orthopedic hand specialist. The difference in design is based on the anatomy of the hand and the science of ergonomics. Unlike conventional gloves, which are designed with a straight cut in the fingers, Bionic gloves feature a pre-rotated design that follows the natural curve of your fingertips. Bionic’s patented technology promotes a lighter, more relaxed grip while providing more protection in areas prone to wear and tear. Strategically placed pads on the palm and fingers even out the hand’s natural peaks and valleys. This eliminates pressure pointsand also creates more surface contact for ideal grip pressure and shock absorption. It replaces the surround flexion zones with Lycra rather than leather to allow the glove to stretch, retract and breathe. It also has moisture-absorbing terrycloth on the palms to constantly soak up moisture! Visit BionicGloves.com.

Wolff Gloves

Wolff, born out of the love for the game, has continued for the love of good business and long customer relationships. A 22 year old Wolff family business, they are defined by custom cresting, packaging, superior custom service, and a willingness to work with their customers’ needs. With a few different styles everyone can find what they are looking for, Wollf Premium gloves are top of the line made with snow-white Calbretta leather. The original DuraGrip glove is a machine washable synthetic glove for hot, humid playing conditions when your favorite leather pair will be ruined with sweat. Others include TrueGrip Custom stretch leather material gives a better fit and extends the life of the glove. Wollf also offers a complete line of personalization services to represent any organization. www.wolffgolfgloves.com.

Hirzl Gloves

Swiss company Hirzl is focused exclusively on designing and producing performance gloves for golf and cycling. Their philosophy is based upon the firm belief that gloves are an essential part of sports as the link between the hands and the athlete’s equipment. 3 times more grip in dry conditions, and up to 5 times more grip in wet conditions. Features such as the breathable membrane on the back of the hand, the extremely light gel padding system. Hirzl developed the most advanced technology to create gloves that make the human hand perform even more efficiently. They are designed specifically to enhance, protect and provide outstanding performance for golf. “HIRZL gloves, in my opinion, offer the best glove technology on the market today and I am looking forward to working with HIRZL to further develop their innovative golf glove product line.” said Dave Pelz, World Renowed Short Game Instructor. To purchase gloves or check out more details visit www.hirzl-web.com.