So who gets excited about club head covers? Apparently a lot of golfers do and Oregon-based Seamus Golf has just what diehard equipment aficionados want protecting their titanium and graphite investment.10

Seamus makes clean-looking, great-looking covers for woods from tartan wools that are locally milled plus linings made from a durable fleece. Owner’s Megan and Akbar Chisti got the inspiration for the company name from one of their dogs, Seamus O’Reilly, described as a “mischievous, fun-loving Irish Terrier with an adorable sense of humor.”

Take for example the head covers made for drivers. Sized to fit all 460cc clubheads it works equally well with older or recently released 400cc and 420cc drivers. Each had an additional fusible lining to help hold the shape give extra padding protection. The colorful fleece lining includes a cross-stitched elastic band that remains easy to use but keeps the cover on the club.

Dimensions are about 12 inches tall, roughly 6 inches wide in diameter at the opening, and weigh and average 3.8 ounces compared to the typical leather or knit driver cover at five to nine ounces. Each cover fabric is hand cut and sewn to order.

Driver Head covers are $55 to $69 with fairway wood and hybrid covers about $10 less. Seamus also makes accessory bags and has a limited line of tartan ties. The complete Seamus story plus online shop may be found at SeamusGolf.com.