Golf continues to evolve from an older gentlemen’s game into a cooler more popular sport geared toward many different groups of people.  It has become so exciting as Bubba debuts hoover crafts, Rickie races dirt bikes in his off time, and many famous athletes of all types also play golf as if the X games is named after the X generation. Pioneering the golf skateboard crossover market is the legendary skateboarder and well rounded Eric Koston. His love and fascination for the fairway inspired a new limited footwear release: the Nike Koston 2 IT.  You probably have seen the Nike commercials featuring Tiger Woods and Koston over the last two months but maybe it isn’t as obvious there is a golf shoe version.  The new Tiger red color is strikingly hot making it’s debut last month and the classic sleek black leather is perfect for professional golfers and skateboarders alike.


Funny man Koston is a great role model to kids and teenagers, showing them that term gentleman has changed from an older snobby meaning kids wanted to rebel against to a diverse, desirable mantra that is individualistic. The birth of skateboarding is assimilated with punk attitude and fashion but the crossover allows sports to have style subcategories.  Since turning pro in 1992, Eric Koston has been unfadeable, advancing innovation in skateboarding through his dedicated approach to footwear design—the raw street level that prides itself in taking no shorts, all while never seeming to take any of it all that seriously.

2013_NIke-SB-Koston-2-Launch-2-643x428His creativity has yielded several successful classic skate shoes, giving him the experience to create amazing skate and golf shoe that has to be worn to feel the difference.  Lightweight and comfortable, the Nike Koston 2 IT maps out foot pressure via Lunarlon cushioning inserts, primarily used in Nike running shoes before Koston implemented it in his Nike skate shoes.  Most insoles are shaped flat which are painful for most people with arches and heels shaped like a ball.  With this in mind, the shoe is more anatomical with a contoured rounder supported heel as well as arch support to alleviate any sort of pain. Other updates include fixing the issues that skaters had with his first shoe concerning ventilation, durability, protection and fit.  It is available in the golf street hybrid spikeless style as well as spikes that are flexible and adjust accordingly to provide traction, relieving the wearer from having to walk around on hard spikes at all times.

Good luck finding it as it was a very limited edition Nike SB retailers and specialty Nike Golf dealers.  Just like pink and black are a great combination we think skateboarding and golf go great together too, as we ride our skateboard to the course and driving range often!

nike-sb-eric-koston-2-the-legend-grows-commercialskateboard and golf