The Masters logo merchandise is only available on the course in the gift shop and small satellite spot by 18 during the event at Augusta. While the tickets are outrageously valued this year, the food is famously cheap but good (yes, the pimento cheese and egg salad sandwiches still sell for $1.50) and the merchandise?

The new headwear collection features four caps created as a tribute to the game’s most decorated champion and the owner of a record 18 professional major championships

Prices were similar to most pro shops across the country, but the entrance was Disney like with roped lines zigzagging back and forth, around and around with screens and murals on the walls for amusement while waiting. The Disney similarity is because that is the experience that was brought in to manage the merchandise process. While the lines moved fairly steadily, it felt like crossing the victorious finish line getting into the shop. Then it was like a deer in headlights trying to figure out which way to navigate through the crowd to find the list of requested items. A yellow flag is $25, long sleeve pullovers are $89 and up, tee shirts start at $28. Attending the practice round, as they say, “priceless!”

The merchandise clothing tags were all labeled “Masters” while the pros were scripted in their familiar styles stamped with proud logos purchased by all the prominent companies of the globe. Tiger is still in his Nike, hoping to roar once more while Fowler in his Puma is ready to pounce.

Fans were wearing all things golf, pants, shorts, skorts and a few sun dresses here and there but no high heels. The verdant hills demand flats, very comfortable flats. Among the thousands attending, only two were spotted with blue jeans and looked very out of place.

G is for Georgia and G is for green, a popular color choice for the apparel in the gift shop and on the course, going along with the members’/winners’ green jacket theme.

While the yellow Masters logo remains in Augusta, AHEAD has partnered with Jack Nicklaus to produce a Georgia Green hat with the Golden Bear logo along with three other colors, marigold, tan and black for the new Majors Collection in their Nicklaus Headwear line. Hats off to all the Masters.