Saxx were displayed in all the golf Pro shops in British Columbia and have nothing to do with football. Considered to have revolutionized underwear, they have a pouch similar to another Canadian underwear company – 2Undr. Saxx developed it ten years ago and trademarks it as the “BallPark Pouch” – A hammock-shaped pouch delivers friction-free comfort, thanks to mesh panels that prevent friction and keep everything in place.” They also tout the comfort of Anti Roll Waistband, which stays put no matter how you move, and Flat Out seams that put the soft side against the skin and Three-D Fit that involves nine unique panels contoured to move with you. Here are the many versions available:

Vibe – prints that pack a punch.

Ultra – slightly looser, softer fit with a fly.

Kinetic – for workouts with moisture wicking performance and semi compression.

Quest – claimed the “ultimate travel boxer” by National Geographic with anti stink component.

Black Sheep – a stretch merino for “the top of the mountain to the bottom of the après ski pint” moisture wicking, temperature regulating and anti microbial.

24 Seven – premium cotton spiked with spandex.

Fuse – with photo realistic prints that might make you welcome being “pantsed in public.” In case you don’t know what that means, your pants are pulled down by a prankster leaving your underwear showing.

3Six Five – uber breathable cotton in classic prints.

Thermoflyte – takes the chill out.

Platinum – the “Rolls Royce of the underwear drawer,” softest yet.

Strike – premium athletic wear, look like bike shorts.

Fiesta – a flashy digital print waist band, in case you have what Mom always called, “gapopus.”

These versions come in various styles and lengths, from briefs, trunks, boxer trunks, and longer boxers to full-legged long handles they refer to unapologetically as tights.

So confident are they in their design that they offer 100% money back comfort guarantee, free shipping over $50 and live support weekdays. Well that seems to Saxx it.