BIRDY-LOGO-1Breathing new life into course to clubhouse fashion is Birdy and Grace’s new Spring 2014 collection. Combinations of bright yet natural pastels with eye-catching patterns create for an exciting, sporty ensemble. Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Birdy and Grace embodies a classic New England style with a modern twist for today’s female golfers of all ages.

WIN MCMURRY SPRING 14 1Owner Sharon Sunoo prides her pieces on the powerful use of color with tasteful detailing. There should be “an effortless balance between practicality and femininity while keeping the spirit of timeless style alive,” she said.

Her new Spring 2014 collection embraces youthful bright teals and ocean blues on tops, sweaters, skirts, and pants. The new collection features complimentary colors and patterns that are perfect for mixing and matching. Tops and skirts made of the same “Dragonfly” patterns are sold separately yet can be worn together for a look that resembles a single wrap-dress; a look appropriate in the office as well as on the course.

The “miracle knit” pant, found in a variety of colors and lengths, combines a yoga pant breathable feel with a professional and polished course-appropriate look. The polyester-spandex blend allows for comfort and flexibility while maintaining high performance capability. Prices range from $100 to $122 for the “miracle knits.”

WIN MCMURRY SPRING 14 2-1Birdy and Grace’s new collection pieces paired with their classic cardigans and zip-up sweaters are perfect for the ever-changing New England weather. The retro “Tori cardigan” is a beautiful tan cotton piece with highlight colors echoing those of the new Spring collection. Each piece made by Birdy and Grace is meant for coordination with each other, making the selection of an outfit both effortless and exciting.

From skirts and pants to outerwear, Birdy and Grace is extremely focused on the functionality of their pieces on the course. The blends of polyester and cotton allow for a breathable and comfortable fit while still managing to look sleek and professional. Tops and tanks have the capacity for layering, which means they can be used for multi-season wear.

LPGA competitor Jane Park, a team member on Birdy and Grace, is found on the nation’s greatest courses sporting Sunoo’s styles. What Park loves most are Birdy and Grace’s vibrant colors used in clothes that are comfortable and “extremely fashionable.”