Callaway Golf has a new campaign. It’s called #IWearCallaway, and those who have caught on to it are sharing the love.

Off for a round of golf at my club in Callaway’s Micro Pique Blue Polo and Glacial Skort. Find more of my #IWearCallaway looks on Instagram @alicia6moon!

The Callaway brand has thus far been primarily recognized as a leading maker of golf clubs. The club that made Callaway famous? The Big Bertha; a driver series that came into play in 1991 and is still a popular force to contend with today. However, Callaway appears to have found a new drive to become just as powerful in the golf fashion industry.

The trend setters at Callaway Golf are clearly seeing the bigger picture in the way consumers self educate about the latest golf fads. Hashtags have become the new wave of communication between like minded voyeurs who want to see what other golfers are up to on social media. Hashtags also offer a sense of solidarity. In golf’s social circles #IWearCallaway is already becoming a trend to keep an eye on, and this is just the beginning.

Callaway Golf icons, such as Patrick Reed, Sandra Gal, Paige Renee Spiranac, and others have already begun to tag Instagram and Twitter posts with the new #IWearCallaway slogan. Fans who have caught on to it are also starting to tag their posts when wearing Callaway, and why not. When a person discovers a brand they love, the instinct is to show it off. How well do you wear your Callaway Golf Apparel?

The Callaway 2015 Fall line for women surprised me with a little bit of everything. It could be called classic, girly, athletic, or colorful depending simply on how one wears it. What I discovered through trying on the polos and skorts from Callaway’s new line was that it offers a variety of simple, popular styles that have versatile appeal. Here are some of my #IWearCallaway styles that I enjoyed putting together from the 2015 Callaway Fall apparel line:


Wearing Callaway’s Nordic Polo with black sport skort. Even Sammy the local golf pup approved. (That’s Sammy with two mm’s I was informed).

The Nordic Polo makes use of a cute caviar pattern and incorporates it in a manner that is stylish and figure shaping. If you’ve seen any of Paige Renee’s Instagram pics in Callaway apparel lately, she clearly likes the fashion statement as well. Upon my first time wearing it out, even the local golf pup approved (see photo above).


Finally! A golf skort that has a safe and easy place to keep my ball marker! I loved wearing the power color blue during my round at Maidstone GC too!

During a recent outing at Maidstone Golf Club, my solid blue Micro Pique Callaway Polo with black Tag Skort turned out to be a power color combo against the East Hampton backdrop of dunes and tall dormant grasses. One can simply never wear enough blue. It was also nice to finally have a quality pull-on skort that features a small front pocket just for my ball marker!


My all black outfit in Callaway’s Piped Sleeveless Polo put me right into competition mode! Time for a little matchplay!

I enjoy wearing all black now and then for a number of reasons. For one, blondes look great in all black. For another, wearing all black is also a bold look that says, “Game on” in competition mode. The white detail on Callaway’s Piped Sleeveless Polo is a subtly flattering and figure shaping accent to the all black look.

For a polar opposite style, I’m not convinced that the all white look is out of season just yet. There is an age old fashion rule that says not to wear white after Summer ends. Well, Callaway is breaking the rules, and I like it! My Instagram followers apparently do too, as this was the most ‘liked’ image that I introduced to social media despite the changing of seasons. Besides, all white isn’t entirely all white when the hems reveal touches of blue.


I didn’t mind being the white rabbit at the range this September. The hints of blue in the Opti-Vent Polo are what really make this look pop! #IWearCallaway

Here’s to the white rabbit in the hat, Callaway!

#IWearCallaway, and I wear it proudly. Do you? Hashtag it and join the club! Visit t.callawayapparel.com to see what’s in store this season and the next.

As always, remember to make your swing your best accessory. “The sexiest thing on any golfer is a great swing!” – Alicia Moon