Sport Haley continues to offer spiffy fashions in classic designs. I love their philanthropic Stella Pant performance. With only 1 and 3/4% spandex, this nylon and cotton blend gives with every squat to pick up balls and tees, gives with every full swing for 18 or 36 holes and then they still give comfortable wear for activities après golf. The front pockets are Stella Pantshaped for easy in and out reach without everything falling out during the round. The silver button on the back pocket has dimples like a golf ball. Extra button included, just in case.

Let’s face it, golf takes a lot of time and we want to fit in as much as possible in this short time we have, so any apparel that will do double duty on the course and off to dinner is a huge plus for the ladies. Sport Haley is as wise as their logo owl in this category. Many tops in their spring/summer collections could just as well be worn to the office as the country club outing. And the new scarf line tops them Infinity scarfall off. The 30-inch infinity nylon scarf can drape or tie around any polo to transform the outfit for the next event.

Now the fall collections are available as well. The Clubhouse Classics Collection was designed as a colorful yet streamlined assortment, a foundation from which to build. Sport Haley has added into the collection from each delivery to keep this grouping replenished.

Neutrals in the Nantucket Collection take on a new twist as the linens and creams dominate with simplicity and understatement. Textures with classic hounds tooth patterns and subtle prints take the focal point, all blending together with a hint of poppy. “This group was designed for a chic approach to dressing, and the ease of looking elegant”, said Cathy Blair. “The poppy pieces mixed with the neutrals creates contrast and that wow factor. It is one of our favorite groups as the pieces are timelessSport Haley yet modern.”

For more than 25 years, Sport-Haley, Inc. has been a premier women’s golf apparel company, passionate about offering the finest in quality, femininity and detailing. Sharp instincts, wisdom, precision and playfulness are the transcending influences that are embraced in the Sport Haley brand. Sport Haley is located in Denver, Colo., and sold online and at private and public golf shops throughout the world. For more information about Sport Haley go to SportHaley.com