The TRUElinkswear TRUE Fairways golf shoes have finally arrived! And they are as cute and colorful as they are comfortable.


TRUE Fairways for women has arrived!

Ladies who golf will be dancing to every green in these newly released TRUE Fairways golf shoes. TRUElinkswear was originally designed to cater specifically to the comfort of male golfers who enjoy walking a full 18 holes of golf. However, now women can also enjoy the same luxuries that TRUElinkswear offers as the inventor of the Truest shoe in golf.

Stay true to you! TRUElinkswear golf shoes were designed to help golfers remain true to the body’s natural posture, balance, and movement. The TL brand was the original designer of any type of barefoot golf shoe before it became a trend in marketing. Golf shoe brands have realized the benefits of low profile shoes for golfers and since attempted to do the same.

The new TRUE Fairway shoes for women were designed with as much innovative biomechanical technology as  every other golf shoe TRUElinkswear has put out on the market; an original concept that has only been improved upon. They incorporate a design that enables feet to behave like feet in response to the various terrains found on a golf course.

Golf was originally designed to be a walking sport, and the creators of TRUElinkswear respect that heritage. Traditionalists also still enjoy the true beauty of a golf course by foot. The TRUE Fairways golf shoes are built for the comfort and support needed to outlast a full 18 holes, encouraging more women to choose to walk instead of ride. Regardless of how one chooses to enjoy the game, however, the TRUE Fairways will match in comfort what they offer in style.

Visit truelinkswear.com to try them out for yourself! There is no need to hold back. TRUElinkswear has a 30day satisfaction guarantee return policy just in case. But we have a feeling you will be exchanging the return packaging with a Thank You letter.

As always, remember to make your swing your best accessory.
“The sexiest thing on any golfer is a great swing!” – Alicia Moon