Final round coverage of the 2017 PGA Golf Championship earned a 3.6 on CBS, down 8% from last year and 29% from 2015. Third round action was only 2.4 ranking, down 25% from 2015. The 2.4 number this year is the lowest for third round coverage of a PGA Championship since at least 1995.

The final round of the 2017 Masters drew a 7.6 overnight rating. That’s 11-percent lower than last year, a 21-percent drop from 2015 and the tournament’s worst showing since 2004. The 2017 U.S. Open managed only a 3.6 overnight Nielsen rating for its final round Sunday on Fox, the event’s second-lowest on record.

In the final round of this year’s U.S. Women’s Open ratings were only 0.6 overnight, down 40% from last year and the tournament’s lowest final round overnight since at least 1996. The most common reaction to all of this, what’s wrong with golf.

Few in the game address the obvious truth that is affecting all sports today. Since 9/11 our lives have changed, there seem to be more natural disasters worldwide and more acts of violence and terror across the globe.

Our way of life as a society is changing. We are all overwhelmed with the constant onslaught of terrible events occurring throughout the world every day. Through it all, golf will survive and hopefully continually evolve and grow.

For now, maybe a quiet round of golf or a good match can take our mind away for a break from the harsh realities that we all face every day.