Duo Cart Evo WhiteDuo Cart DX 2014_Red Angle


Are you a walking golfer, tired of the hassle, extra time and energy spent lifting, loading/unloading, your separate push cart and golf bag? Tired of facing the arduous task of setting up the cart then struggle to secure your bag? Tired that they both occupy so much space in your trunk that you can’t fit much else?

Duo Cart DX Cart_2014 Red CollapsedThe Alphard Duo Golf Cart offers a simple solution. By integrating the push cart and
golf bag into one unit, it makes it easier to use, takes less time to set up, and is 30% more compact than a traditional separate cart and bag. The Duo Cart’s folded dimension…13”W x 46”H x 18.5”D…is so compact it reduces storage space and easily fits inside a standard travel bag. Set up is three times faster—taking seconds to unlock the main latch, lift the cart via the hydraulic assisted system, fold out handle and you’re ready to go.

Some days you decide to ride instead of walk…no problem. The Duo Cart easily converts to a cart bag…just pop off the wheels from the anodized aluminum frame. Another unique and wallet-friendly feature is it’s detachable skin. If you want to change the bag color (9 colors available) or replace a worn bag,  just shed the skin and reattach a new one by fastening a few buttons and zippers. This amazing 19 lb. combo cart sports 14-way full length club dividers, 9 pockets including an insulated
cooler pocket, height/angle adjustable handle, as well as attachable umbrella holder and drink holder.

Duo Cart Evo folded white bgThe newest addition to the Duo Cart family is the Duo Cart —Evolution. In addition to all of the standard amenities, it has a thermoformed external putter well that caters to larger grips. www.DUOgolfcart.com