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Eazy Bag ($199.95) www.eazygolfbag.com

The Eazy Bag is a golf bag specifically designed for women, seniors and others who find it difficult to remove their clubs from the traditional cart bag. The Eazy Bag has wheels on the base and a convenient handle for pushing, allowing limited “lifting or carrying” of the bag.  It features a unique U-shaped front opening for easy club removal with no lifting of clubs over the bag edge.  A unique club lock system keeps clubs in place–every club to have its proper place, allowing immediate identification of the club you want, and it limits any banging of clubs while cart is moving. Other features include a zippered, clear vinyl rain cover for easy access to clubs without exposing the other clubs to the rain.  There are ample pockets for personal items and four ball/tee holders which are attached to the front bag exterior.


Bionic Performance Series Glove ($29.95) www.bionicgloves.com


The most sophisticated glove ever designed for golfers, the Bionic Performance Series glove is a mirror image of the natural three-dimensional shape of the hand.  Each glove features the 3-D Bionic technology and has 44 unique anatomical features which include:  The triple-row finger-grip system – each finger has three multi-layered zones on the palm side made of terrycloth and leather, which absorb moisture and help the glove conform to the hand shape for a more comfortable, relaxed grip.  The elongated surround flexion zones — where the natural creases occur in the finger and palm – leather is removed in these areas and replaced with Lycra, which stretches and breathes, enhancing comfort, flexibility and cool, dry hand –which promote a lighter grip.  The mid-axis longitudinal seam placement has been moved to reduce resistance during hand closure when gripping the club, which helps fight hand fatigue. The Bionic Performance Glove offers cross-ventilation with its 26 Lycra vent windows, which makes it one of the most flexible, breathable leather golf gloves on the market.


Spotless Swing ($19.95) www.SpotlessSwing.com


Spotless Swing is three golf towels in one – a one-tool solution to clean golf clubs, club grooves and also keep hands and face clean. It features two remarkable fabrics. The outside portion keeps your hands, face, gloves and grips clean and dry.  It is made of durable microfiber fabric, which is six times more absorbent than cotton, hides dirt and remains dry after repeated use.  The new and proprietary MicroBrush fabric on the inside traps debris from dirty, muddy, wet clubs and cleans club grooves effortlessly for optimal club performance.  Spotless Swing features a handy carabineer that attaches it to the golf bag. It can be hung with the opening at the top or bottom, whichever is more convenient if you are riding or walking.


Epoch-S3 Performance Tee www.evolvegolf.com


*Epoch Performance Tee — Winner of the “Comprehensive Golf Tee Test by GolfTest USA based on appearance, ease of use, durability and eco-friendly composition.

Claimed to be “The #1 Performance Golf Tee on Tour”, the Epoch is the only sustainable tee with radius posts that span the width of a golf ball dimple. This unique feature creates the lowest coefficient of friction of any tee, eliminating deflection at impact and increasing ball speed and control. The new Epoch-S3 features the same innovative and durable design as the original Epoch in addition to incorporating the company’s groundbreaking Sweet Spot System, a proprietary internet application.  Markings on the tee stem take the guess work out of consistently teeing up at the proper height by aligning the ball with the driver’s “sweet spot”, assuring optimum distance on every drive.  To select the right mark for insertion depth, visit www.evolvegolf.com/settings to find the custom tee height setting for your driver model.

Various new cosmetic options are now available for the Vireo-S3 line, which include a more traditional tee cup design, vibrant colors or a “natural” finish, and they are made from a combination of renewable and recycled materials –sustainable and more durable than wood tees.


Tin Cup ($17.95)   www.tin-cup.com


** Winner of the best “New Product” award at the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show **

Tin Cup is a unique personal ball imprinting system that gives golfers the ability to make their own personal mark on their golf ball so as to easily identify their ball during play. The 100% stainless steel shell fits over a golf ball, allowing a golfer to mark his ball with a customized template and a permanent ink pen.  Choose one of the whimsical designs offered by the company or customize your own and “make your mark”!