The hottest technology in golf right now is on course statistic tracking. These devices track every shot on the course and store the data on a mobile/web interface for you to analyze.   Some provide advanced statistics such as greens in regulation or the percentage of shots left/right. All of them however provide your average distance per club so you can make better club selections on the course. Let’s take a look at your options so you can improve your on course game this season!

arccosArccos Golf ($399)

The Arccos, endorsed by the 2014 Fed Ex Cup winner, Billy Horschel is the only real time device on the market today that’s send data directly to your iphone. Once the sensor is paired to the device there is no touching or tapping like other devices require on the market.

game-golfGame Golf ($199)

Game Golf is the original shot tracker and is endorsed by PGA Tour superstars Grame McDowell, Lee Westwood and Jim Furyk. Game Golf provides the most in depth statistics on the market and even let’s you create challenges shots as low score or longest drive, invite players to play and compete online for bragging rights.

golf-padGolf Pad GPS ($99)

The app is completely free and the golf tags are extremely affordable. The combination of the two provides you with a complete GPS and on course stat tracking system. Simply put a tag on each club and tap your smartphone before each shot. You can keep score and also share all the data with your friends. The Golf Pad even works with smart watches.

swamiSwami GT ($199)

This innovative device by Izzo Golf is a complete GPS and Game Tracker. You get the best of both worlds knowing the distance the shot plays and the knowledge you need to choose the correct club. The tracker tags inserted to the end of each club are paired with the GPS unit and then can be analyzed online.