Launch Monitors – Personal and Professional

Most golfers have absolutely no idea how far they actually carry each club in their bag. Instead when they have 150 yards to the flag for example, the common statement is “7 iron is my 150 club.” The question is: Do you carry your 7 iron that far or does it finish that far? There are many options on today’s market ranging from $270 to $25,000. The more expensive units will provide you with club head data along with better accuracy and more consistent readings. Each can be used as a personal launch monitor depending on how much you want to coin up but the norm is that the higher price points are used by professional club fitters and instructors. Let’s take a look at the models designed for personal use more closely.

voice-caddieVoice Caddie SC100 ($270)

The SC100 is a stand alone device providing swing/ball speed, smash factor and distance. This is the markets most affordable personal launch monitor featuring practice, target and random modes to utilize on the range or indoors. The unit even comes with a remote control. This device does not provide spin, launch angle or total distance, however the unit is surprisingly accurate considering the price point.

ernestErnest Sports ES14 ($700)

The ES14 features a new bluetooth phone/tablet interface available free in the app store. This launch monitor comes in two colors providing ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, smash factor, club speed and distance. To get the best results be sure to place the unit in the correct position from the ball.

skytrakSkyTrak ($2000)

The SkyTrak provides the best data for your dollar. The unit only lacks a smash factor, a built in display and requires an ipad. It is light weight and completely portable for use indoors or out. The company is releasing a simulator option that will include putting and online gaming.

FlightScope ($2500)

flightscopeThe Xi model is designed to be the ultimate golf training device for your game. The 3D Doppler radar tracking system features auto-leveling feet, a built-in rechargeable battery and built in wi-fi to connect to any smart device. This unit even provides a virtual representation of your swing and allows the user to use a skills app to improve their distance control and accuracy. The best part about this unit is the club data provided including angle or attached and swing path.