by Frank Puleo

All golfers appreciate a course that is maintained well and always in top condition. The PitchFix Twister is the perfect tool to keep greens in top condition at all times.

PitchFix Twister_Royal_213The first thing I noticed holding the PitchFix Twister was convenient it is. The Twister is pocket sized and is extremely easy to use. To open the Twister all it takes is a simple twist of the cap to the left. The PitchFix Twister makes it super easy to repair divots in the green.   All you need to do to repair your divot is jab in and out at the affected area. The Twister restores the ground and relieves compaction at the same time. It is pretty amazing how easily the Twister can perfectly repair a divot on the green.

The importance of maintaining greens is often overlooked. As golfers, we are all responsible of maintaining the course and the facilities. The average golfer does not realize how leaving divots on the green can affect other golfer’s games.

One of the most frustrating things for me as a golfer is trying to putt on a green that has unrepaired divots. It makes it extremely difficult to predict how the green will play, and it can affect my score when the divots redirect my ball.

“Reports indicate that the average golfer leaves about 12 ball marks during a typical round of golf. As golfers, we are all responsible of maintaining the course and the facilities. That can result in more than 700,000 ball marks per year on an average golf course.” –Bart Fokke


The PitchFix Twister is a “must have” for golfers as it completely repairs any divot on the green. The more golfers that carry a Twister with them, the more consistent the greens will play for all of us

The PitchFix Twister comes in eight different colors: black, blue, light blue, green, fluor yellow, red, orange, and fluor pink.

The Twister is the ultimate tool for golfers to repair their divots on the green. It is lightweight, pocket size, and extremely easy to use.