EDINBURGH, Scotland? As temperatures plummet in the northern U.S. and snow blankets golf courses for months, many golfers are forced to put away their clubs and daydream about trips to Florida and the thaws of spring.  But rather than allowing their bodies and games to atrophy, golfers can now turn this season into the perfect time for training with the first affordable and golf-specific home gym
designed to build strength and increase swing speed that leads to more distance – The Extra 20 Yards®.

An innovative weight-pulley device that mimics the golf swing and engages all the important swing muscles, The Extra 20 Yards® made its U.S. debut this summer, after a highly successful launch in Europe.  Offered at $365 plus $30 for shipping, there is nothing else like it on the market and at this price, a remarkable value given the hundreds and even thousands of dollars golfers spend in search of a magic club that yields more distance and lower scores.  

Instead, working out with The Extra 20 Yards® for only 3 to 5 minutes per day, 3 to 4 times a week, enables players to get what PGA Tour great J.C. Snead has so famously called “Golf strong.” The high-quality machine is easy to install and has three key features:

**A swivel pulley set at the correct swing plane angle for both right and left-handed use. 

**A weight stack comprised of 4.4-lbs. plates calibrated to build golf muscles without losing flexibility – start with lighter weights and work up to heavier ones.

**A classic golf grip attached to a cable to pull the weights that builds muscle memory in your hands and arms to ensure the right technique, helping to groove the correct kinematic muscle sequence.

 Golfers are always looking that magic and frequently costly club that will finally help them out-drive their buddies and shoot lower scores. But professionals know that developing golf-specific muscles increases their downswing speed and force, the real stuff behind those 320-yard drives.  It’s why pros spend hours in the gym every week, year-round.  However, recreational golfers with busy, working lives have relatively little time for such extensive strength training.  

But for the majority of golfers who love to play golf when, if ever, they can let go of their careers for the five or so hours it takes to play a round, the likelihood of adding a fitness regimen so they can get better is nil. So a quandary exists. It’s a fact that golfers need to get stronger and more fit to play better golf, but don’t have the time (or for many golfers, the interest to spend time in the gym).

And yet, even during the season of compressed daylight hours, rain, ice and snow, it doesn’t take that much to prepare for the coming golf season.  Five minutes of putting several days a week does wonders when the flat stick is once again used on a live green.  The same is true for muscles.  That’s why The Extra 20 Yards®which doesn’t require much space in either a home or apartment – is perhaps the most convenient means of conditioning.

Moreover, even the most comprehensive gyms don’t have golf-specific equipment like The Extra 20 Yards®. For golf, the most beneficial exercise is one that starts with the body in the correct golfing posture, and exercises the core region and other key muscle groups just like The Extra 20 Yards® does. 

“This is ideal for the keen golfer,” says Simon Yates, 7th in all time career earnings on the Asian PGA Tour. “It works all the muscles in a golf swing and you don’t have to spend lots of time in the gym. Forget spending lots of money on the latest drivers, and just spend a few minutes each week using this machine and you will gain The Extra 20 Yards®.”

Catriona Matthew, British Ladies Open Champion and winner of the 2011 Ladies Scottish Open on August 21, was so impressed that she requested one for her own home.  “My coach introduced me to The Extra 20 Yards®, and I immediately saw how useful it would be,” said Matthew.  “I got one within a few days and it is now helping me develop a stronger golf swing, hit the ball longer and I’m sure it will protect me against long term injuries.”

Strength training isn’t only about injury prevention, nor is it strictly for the pros.  Studies show that the higher the swing speed the lower the handicap, and that a conditioning program could improve club head speeds in golfers of all ages and abilities. The Extra 20 Yards® can help players add yards to drives, shoot lower scores and win more matches, while avoiding injuries throughout a golfing career.  

For additional information and to order, please visit www.extra-yards.com.

Mike Hoye
Mike Hoye Public Relations
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