Sun Mountain Is Good For Travel & Holiday Gifts

When we travel with our golf clubs we always garner attention, not due to good looks or happy smiles, rather because of our fashionable Sun Mountain Club Glider. This travel bag for golf clubs amazes anyone who has ever lugged his or her clubs anywhere. For 4 years we have steered through the maze of airports and hotels pushing or pulling our loaded Club Glider travel bag. It has withstood the test of time and miles an enduring marvel really. The mechanism that makes it so easy to maneuver is a pull down set of legs and wheels that take the weight off allowing for a poised, styling stroll.

Now through these years, we have also awkwardly hauled another travel bag with our second set of clubs, which is another reason for the looks. Guess who usually transports that one? Lots of pack mule jokes have ensued. We believe in gender equality and after a two-week trip with 5 hotels and 4 airports, we said, “that’s enough.” So from now on, we have TWO Club Gliders and are so elated. Our original in red is easy to spot coming out of the oversize luggage rack. The new navy/gunmetal is distinguished from all the black bags and complements the Sun Mountain carryon in dusk. Dusk is an unusual blue hue like the under belly of a blue jay. Combined with the unique heather canvas type texture, it too will be easy to identify and that is critical around a busy airport carousel.

Often asked about executive golf gift ideas for retirements or holidays, we say if they travel, then the Club Glider, hands down is the best golf travel bag and gift. Anyone will appreciate as we do the patented design that allows us both to push or pull the Club Gliders with one finger. Between the Club Glider golf travel bag and the easy to roll carryon we can pack for any length of trip and make the portage look so fashionably easy.

Lookout world, here we come!