Perfection for Every Golfer in The Game

From an Expert Club Fitter
katsuhiromiuraThe notion that custom fit and manufactured golf clubs are only for advanced players is in every way the opposite of the real truth. Whether you are a low handicap or high handicap player, proper fit golf clubs will make a significant impact on your performance and ability to improve in your game. Many golfers over a 10-year period will buy as many as 5 sets of clubs spending thousands of dollars thinking it will improve their performance. In reality, a proper fit high quality set of irons like Miura Irons will give a player many years of service knowing they have the right equipment, both now and in the future. Miura allows players at all levels to work on their game with the confidence knowing they have the right equipment to reach their goals.

Miura Golf of Japan makes the world’s finest forged golf clubs, designed and manufactured by patriarch and club expert Katsuhiro Miura with the help of his sons Yoshitaka and Shinei. Miura makes its forged clubs — irons, wedges and putters — in the company’s one factory and one forge, both in the city of Himeji, which was for centuries the seat of the ancient Japanese art of samurai sword making. Katsuhiro Miura’s clubs are made one by one, using many handcrafting processes, and will never be mass produced. It is literally a secret, but the Miura Company currently manufactures forged heads on an OEM basis for many of the world’s major equipment companies. It is no secret that K.J. Choi plays Miura even though he is not paid to do so.

Miura makes a complete line of forged golf clubs to fit the needs of all levels of players from professional tour stock clubs to amateur golfers within all handicap ranges. The process is exacting, the quality and craftsmanship is the finest in the world and the results speak volumes to anyone who has played Miura clubs.

The Miura PP-9003 Passing Point Irons
Tim Branco Editor / Publisher New England Golf Monthly,
“The Miura PP-9003 Irons looked so good I didn’t even realize that they were the game improvement model. After playing them it was clear to me these clubs are the finest clubs I have ever played’.

miura2The process of acquiring a set of Miura Golf clubs it similar to getting fit for a very expense suit. You want to get fit by someone who truly understands the product and the importance of getting every detail correct. This is why Miura clubs are only sold and fit by a certified dealer / club fitter. The process is far from the 15-30 minutes taken by many club fitters for other clubs out there today.

I personally was fitted by Tom Spargo at Spargo Golf Custom Fitting Center in Cranston, RI, the process took well over 1 hour testing clubs, shafts, lie angle and everything from shaft flex to grip size.

The Passing Point forged irons, with their ample cavity-back design, give a easy-to-hit, forged feel to many golfers who thought forged was beyond them. But not only were such players happily surprised — even golfers who didn’t need a great deal of ball-striking help found the 9003s to be sheer pleasure to hit. With this club’s attraction over so many ability levels, Miura also found a lot of players asking for a less-offset look at address. The Straight-Neck version of the Passing Point 9003s has just 1.3 mm of offset (6-iron), compared with 2.8 mm in the regular model’s 6-iron.

Suggested retail for the Straight-Neck Passing Point 9003 irons will be $250 per club, with certain custom shaft options costing more. See a Miura dealer for details and custom fitting. The clubs will be available in April from authorized Miura dealer/fitters.

The Miura CB-501 irons
Mark Larkins – Contributor NEGM
I have always played irons with a clean topline but often found blades very unforgiving. Like many experienced players I have found that game improvement irons tend to have an awkward feel and are far less workable for the full range of shots I like to use. With most manufactures the line between player’s clubs and game improvements clubs is somewhat blurred.

miuraThe CB- 501 has a very thin topline, minimal offset and moderate soles, yet enough forgiveness in a cavity back to immediately inspire confidence. The frosted satin finish is done so well that you wonder why other companies are not matching the process. The softer brushed silver color makes the head look very responsive and clean. The top line of the clubs is very blade like in keeping with Miura’s traditional design lines. The forgiveness of these irons was surprising, to say the least as most blade looking clubs have very little tolerance for mishits. The CB-501 promotes the feel of solid contact with every swing and allows great workability for all shot shapes.

When it comes to feel with a new golf clubs many good players will tell you they are looking for a solid feel and forged irons are going to deliver that. The Miura 501 not only delivered on that point but went well beyond with a softness and playability that is truly inherent in very few custom-made clubs in the world today.

The initial choice of which Miura irons was easy once I saw the CB-501’s. It is a forgiving “player’s club” with perimeter weighting and a muscle back weight directly behind the ball. Having been a decent ball-striker in the past, I like to work the ball from side to side, and I could never really get past the awkward (for me) look of the modern game improvement clubs. Go to www.miuragolf.com for further information.