Thirty years in the golf manufacturing business, Tour Edge has made their mark as a company who has prided themselves in manufacturing top quality clubs with cutting edge technology.  Known for their combo-brazing technology of bonding multi-materials in club head construction to reduce weight and increase club head speed, we are now seeing larger rival manufacturers following suit. Instead of spending millions of dollars in advertising, paying tour players to use their clubs, David Glod, president and founder of Tour Edge believes in funneling that money into the manufacturing of top quality clubs and passing the savings on to customers. This year six of Tour Edge Exotics clubs made the 2016 Golf Digest Hot List.

Exotics EX9 Fairway Wood

Referenced as “The new speedometer in golf” and “The new wave of speed”, the Exotics Fairway Woods’ new design maximizes clubhead speed for maximum distance. The EX9’s new Full-Speed Impact design includes a sloping crown that reduces aerodynamic drag and the SlipStream sole features shorter ‘waves’ from front to back, minimizing turf interaction. The reengineered Power Grid (slot behind the face) removes weight from the front and repositions it in the rear of the sole, promoting a higher launch.  

The first to bring robotic laser beam bonding to the US market, the EX9 utilizes this technology to bond the 475 Carpenter steel cup face to the hyper-steel body.  The Carpenter steel cup face with Variable Face Thickness (VFT) increases spring effect to the maximum limit set by the USGA and delivers increased power from more contact points.

The EX9 fairway wood features an interchangeable 9-gram heel weight screw housed in an 8-gram weight pad for 17 grams of deep heel weighting.


Exotics EX9 Tour Fairway Wood

The EX9 Tour Fairway Wood shares the same Full-Speed Impact design and reengineered Power Grip.  Distinguishing features include a smaller clubhead designed for less spin and an eight setting adjustable hosel to add/subtract loft.  It sports a 15-3-3-3 beta titanium cup face with variable face thickness which is combo brazed to the hyper-steel body. It has an interchangeable center weight insert for a more penetrating flight.  An interchangeable heel sole weight kit is available for both models to adjust swing weight and draw enhancement.


Exotics EX9 Hybrid

The most versatile Exotics hybrid ever developed, the EX9 hybrid’s improved technology begins with a maraging steel cup face with improved VFT strategically positioned for optimal forgiveness on off-center hits.  Combo brazed with a heavier hyper-steel body positions the CG lower in the head, promoting a higher trajectory launch. Coupled with the SlipStream sole, this hybrid glides easily with superior launch speed through any lie. The EX9 hybrid is available in models #2 through #6 with corresponding lofts ranging from 17-28 degrees.


Exotics EX9 Tour Hybrid

The EX9 Tour Hybrid sports a compacted, pear-shaped head design to produce less spin and a more penetrating trajectory. It features a titanium face plate with redesigned Variable Face Technology, combo brazed to a hyper steel body. The VFT has reduced face progression for advanced shot-making control and the SlipStream sole has shorter waves to accommodate the smaller head. The Tour Hybrid is available in 16, 18 and 20 Hybrid models with corresponding lofts 16, 18, 20 degrees.  


Exotics CB Pro Tungsten Irons

The most technologically advanced Exotics Irons, the CB Pro Tungsten, combine a hollow body design with a progressive heavy, tungsten sole weighting for exceptional control, distance and forgiveness. The hollow body design creates a more active face at impact. The super thin, high-strength 17-4 stainless steel face features advanced Variable Face Thickness, enlarging the sweet spot, resulting in longer, more accurate iron shots.  The progressive weighting of the W-NI tungsten sole is heavier in the short irons and lighter in the long irons.  The properly weighted sole provides each iron with the ideal CG location for optimal trajectory and control. This progressive set of irons allows golfers to shape shots superior to traditional cavity-back irons.  


Exotics EXd Irons

Extremely easy to hit, the EXd Irons feature the largest free-standing face with the deepest undercut cavity ever developed in an Exotics iron. The free-standing face design offers added flexibility at impact. Coupled with the advanced VFT design and it creates an iron with an expanded sweetspot and flexibility that maximizes forgiveness and distance.  

The stainless steel irons feature an offset design helping golfers return to square at impact. The wider sole and the two high-density tungsten heel and toe weights increase stability on off-center strikes providing more power and accuracy.  Progressive weighting throughout the set changes the CG to enhance trajectory, distance and control.  
Every Tour Edge club offers a lifetime warranty and a 30-day play guarantee. Visit TourEdge.com