Golf is a fickle game spawning doubts within the brain. If, ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we would all be happier at Christmas. Some golfers change clubs like the wind, hoping for that magical piece of equipment to satisfy the hunger for more and reduce the score. Putters are especially susceptible to quick replacement. I like to experiment with different offerings from manufacturers myself. Since the most important factor lies in the small area between my ears, when I try different clubs, the first thing is the feel and Mantis malletreaction to the new experience. If I think I can, I will. If I struggle to like the club, I won’t.

New to the market and now essential components in my putting repertoire are two putters from Mantis Golf Company – the mallet and “B” model. The unique green matte finish was a plus immediately. I didn’t need sunglasses to block the glare as I looked down on the putter. Both styles were well balanced and the tacky grips were just the right size and feel. For those who prefer the jumbo size grip over the midsize, Mantis will give a $20 credit to finance the replacement.

The mallet was larger than my current style, but not heavy. It has a soft polymer face that explodes the ball with minimal effort. I found that it has a larger sweet spot that reduces twisting at impact. It allowed me to make an easier stroke with minimal effort to get the ball rolling to the hole. The company’s slogan, “Watch the ball and not the putter” has merit. The white alignment stripe is functional without distracting from the putter. An extension of this alignment is another new product coming to market this summer, Train Mantis Golf blade putterYour Aim. It is a simple arrow tool that attaches to any putter and will help you finish your stroke toward the hole. Remember the old kiss method? That’s right -keep it simple stupid. Look for it at www.trainyouraim.com.

The moment I started playing with the Mantis putter, I had confidence. It felt right in my hands, pleasing to my eyes. The “ B “ model has found a new home. By incorporating my new putter with my Train Your Aim, I will have new prey to conquer on the links. Check out the putters at www.mantisgolfco.com.

Remember, if you think you can, you will. The praying I do on the course now will be with my mantis. That way I won’t bother the man upstairs with this trivial game of golf. Go green and pray.