New Golf Equipment Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

You’re in college and you like to golf. You and your friends go out pretty frequently and hit some balls.

Small problem. You have your dads hand me down Spaulding irons for World War II, a driver you found at a yard sale, an assortment of random wedges and a Ping putter that could pass as an original. Your game is starting to improve and new clubs would benefit your game.

Golf Equipment

Do you need to upgrade your golf equipment?

But on the other side of that, you’re in college and don’t have 500 dollars to spend on the new TaylorMade M1.

So what do you do?

There are actually a lot of different options to improve your bag while not paying a lot of money.

Buy Used: If you live near a golf shop or golf store check that out first. When people upgrade clubs they usually trade in their old ones. This is where us college kids can get great deals. Used seems to have a negative connotation to it. Most of the time the people who trade in clubs are rich guys, who just want the newest thing, although their driver is only a year old. So they trade in their Titleist 915 for the new 917. Absolutely nothing wrong with the 915, he just thinks the 917 will fix his aggressive slice. They will sell that 915 for well under retail and the flaws may only include a few scratches. Newsflash, you’re going to be gaming it, it is going to get some scratches. This goes with all clubs really. I bought my hybrid at a GolfSmith for 40 dollars. It is a TaylorMade and the only flaw is there are a few small scratches on the crown. Online used club sites also exist under the same premise where people trade in old clubs to upgrade. The website route is usually a little pricier because they include shipping. But nonetheless, you will get a great club for a great deal. Even if you want to spoil yourself a little, maybe a Scotty Cameron? You can find those all over the place eBay, used club websites and other places for a reasonable price.

Golf Equipment

Used Golf Equipment

Last years model: If you’re opposed to buying used clubs, like some people, here is an option. You figure, you’re spending the money; you want something that is brand new. If you search online, most websites have last years’ model clubs marked down. The technology of drivers, woods, irons and wedges don’t change that dramatically from year to year so why spend an extra 150 dollars on this year’s clubs when you can get something very similar for less.

Golf Equipment

Taylormade R16 Driver 2016

Deals: I got lucky and was in the market for a driver around Christmas a few years ago. There were Black Friday deals all over the place online and in store. It was nice to shop around in store because you get to test the driver before just buying it hoping you like it. Offseason deals are also a great time to shop when not a lot of people are golfing or thinking about golf, most stores and sites will have deals and specials. There may be snow on the ground but saving a few bucks and waiting till spring is worth it.

Facebook Groups: This may sound kind of crazy. But online buy/sell/trade golf groups are all over the place. They are made up of golfers trying to help other golfers. I had a crazy experience on one I will never forget. A guy was selling Titleist AP1’s and I needed new irons badly. I shot him a message on Facebook and asked his price and what he would charge me. Long story short we had a half hour conversation and he said when he was in college he had a guy cut him a great deal on a new driver. So he said he would pay it forward and sell me the irons for way less than he wanted and he threw in a wedge for nothing. These groups are full of guys who love the game and want to spread the game just like us. Don’t hesitate to join one of these groups and poke around at the deals. It is well worth it.

That being said, if you like your Dunlop blade irons from the ‘60’s, your wooden driver and putter that resembles one from your local putt putt spot. Be my guest and keep playing with them, just know your game is suffering because of it.

Treat yourself, buy some decent irons and thank me later for helping your wallet and your golf game.

Photo Credit: Golfsmith.com & GettyImages