The Best New Irons of 2017

Each spring it seems the same question always comes up, “Should I get new clubs?”

Well, as far as irons are concerned, if you’re playing with a set more than four years old the chances are your game, your scoring and your piece of mind will be helped with a new set. For most of us the game improvement category are the first type to check out or even the super game improvement models especially if you have trouble making consistent contact, getting the ball in the air and need more distance. If your handicap is a single digit you already know that most likely players category irons are a good bet. Here are the Featured Irons of 2017. For more iron choices with more in depth information, images, videos and more visit GolfGearWeekly.com keyword Irons.

New England Golf took a look at the irons models in shops for this season and here are our picks broken down by iron category. Please note prices are current as of the time of writing.

Super Game Improvement Irons


Callaway Big Bertha

Callaway Big Bertha OS – OS (oversized) irons have very large head, a revamped 360 face cup with the “Exo-Cage” body. Lots of offset and a generously wide sole make them both forgiving and help to generate more ball speed. Tungsten weight in the sole lowers center of gravity for higher launch and more carry while also adding to ball speed.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-attack wedge, $1,100 steel shafts or $1,300 graphite.

Ping G Max Iron

Ping G Max – Improved ball speed (Ping says up to 3 mph) across entire face from Ping’s “COR-Eye” design. New cavity structure has hidden tuning port connected to the extra wide sole increasing resistance to twisting (MOI) for more forgiveness and control. Leading edge more rounded and sole bounce increased to smooth out contact with ground.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-utility wedge, $699 steel shafts or $799 graphite.

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2

Tour Edge Hot Launch 2 – Added weight to toe, enlarged sweet spot and aided by other game-helping features. Variable thickness face for off center hits and an extreme undercut cavity means high launch. Custom built at no extra charge and shipped within 48 hours, they match up perfectly with the Hot Launch 2 Iron-Woods for a mixed set.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-attack wedge, $400 steel shafts or $500 graphite.

Wilson D300 Iron

Wilson Staff D300 – Perimeter of thin face attached to club body at select points allowing added face flex for more distance. Areas between contact points filled with plastic to control vibration and improve feel. Weight saved moved to toe and heel to increase resistance to twisting (MOI) and forgiveness.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-gap wedge, $800 steel shafts or $900 graphite.

Game Improvement Irons


Callaway Steelhead XR

Callaway Steelhead XR – Similar shaped to original Steelhead X-14s. Improved face cup construction and urethane layer infused with steel behind lower area of face to dampen vibration and move weight lower. Bore through hosel saves weight for redistribution. Center of gravity placement progressive from long irons through mid-irons to short irons.

  • Price: Six iron set 5-pitching wedge, $600 steel shafts or $675 graphite.

Cobra One Length Irons

Cobra King F7/King F7 One Length – Cup face is thinner, sole redesigned and sweet spot is larger for distance and forgiveness. Grooves CNC milled helping control and workability plus center of gravity has been lowered and centered. Also available in one length (37.25 inches approximately a 7-iron). Choice of graphite or steel shafts in either model.

  • Price: Seven iron set 5-gap wedge, $700 steel shafts or $800 graphite.

Mizuno JPX Hot Metal

Mizuno JPX 900 Hot Metal – Chromium-molybdenum alloy head is 15% stronger than usual stainless steel and uses a one piece cup face design for large sweet spot in a compact size head. Ultra-thin face with variable thickness allowing discretionary weight relocated for deep center of gravity, increased forgiveness and better ball speed.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-gap wedge, $900 with either steel or graphite shafts.

Ping i200

Ping i200 – Great looking with a finish that repels moisture to reduce tendency for flyers. Stabilizing bar gives more shot control plus improves feel. Vibration dampening insert in cavity back allows more flex of face for added ball speed. The face is thinner and resistance to twisting improved by new weight distribution towards toe and hosel.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-pitching wedge, $875 steel shafts or $980 graphite.

TaylorMade M1 Iron

TaylorMade M1/M2 – M1 has compact look, shorter blade length with tungsten weighting in long and mid irons plus less offset and thin top line head with face and sole slots. Targeted to those wanting a workable, controllable game improvement design. M2 now has face slots along with a sole slot. New fluted hosel lowers center of gravity.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-attack wedge, M1 $1,000 steel shafts, M2 $800 steel shafts.

Titleist 716 Iron

Titleist 716 AP1 – 360 degree undercut cavity with tungsten weighting in perimeter helps forgiveness by increasing resistance to twisting. Trajectory and launch aided by low center of gravity while stronger lofts take advantage of better ball speed for more distance. Standard chrome or new smoke finish PVD coating available.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-gap wedge, $900 steel shafts or 5-gap wedge $975 graphite.

Wilson C200 Iron

Wilson Staff C200 – The head is mid-sized with medium offset for players wanting a game improvement iron with confidence inspiring good looks. Thin face has minimal contact with body due to nine urethane-filled holes around perimeter leaving only 24% attached. The increased face flex gives the ball speed and distance plus feel and control.

  • Price: 7 iron set 5-gap wedge, $800 steel shafts or $975 graphite.

Player Irons


Bridgestone TourB XCB

Bridgestone TourB X-CB – A cavity back players iron with a small head to help workability and control. Minimal offset adds to the clean look. Forged with extra mass behind center of clubface and somewhat wider sole for better turf contact. Ten shaft upgrades with no upcharge and five premium shaft upgrades available.

  • Price: Seven iron set 4-pitching wedge, $1,200 standard steel or graphite shafts.

Steelhead XR Pro

Callaway Steelhead XR Pro – A compact shape with a black PVD finish for great look at address. New 360 cup face and steel-infused polyurethane layer to absorb vibration plus lowering center of gravity. Bore through hosel and progressive center of gravity for high launch in long irons with workability and in middle and short irons added control with higher spin.

  • Price: Six iron set 5-pitching wedge, $675 steel shafts.

Cobra King Forged Tour

Cobra King Forged Tour – Tungsten inserts in the heel and toe move center of gravity behind impact area of club face to give consistent distance, control and trajectory. Polyurethane in cavity improves feel while decreasing vibration for a muscle back feel. Grooves CNC milled to better grip ball for more spin. Also available in one length shafts.

  • Price: Seven iron set 4-pitching wedge, $1,000 steel shafts or $1,100 graphite.

Mizuno JPX 900 Tour

Mizuno JPX 900 Tour – Forged from mild carbon steel with specialized heat treatment. Sole has enlarged camber, rounded leading edge and trailing edge for better turf contact. Compact head with thin top line for more feel. Clubhead frame is reinforced along top line and has weight pushed towards corners to create more stability.

  • Price: Eight iron set 3-pitching wedge, $1,200 steel shafts.

Ping iblade

Ping iBlade – Replacement for popular 2014’s S55 model. More compact cast stainless steel clubhead and a thinner top rail and elastomer insert behind face covers more surface area for vibration dampening. Minimal offset, straight leading edge and high toe appeal to better players. Heel relief increased, bounce angles refined with milled Tour-spec grooves.

  • Price: Seven iron set 4-pitching wedge, $1,050 steel shafts.

Srxion Z 765

Srixon Z 765 – Redesigned Tour V.T. sole with smaller shape head and slimmer top line improve turf contact to reduce shot dispersion, improve consistency and control. Muscle-cavity back forged carbon steel head with five percent larger grooves compared to previous generation milled twice by laser.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-attack wedge, $1,100 steel shafts.

TaylorMade P770

TaylorMade P770 – Clean uncluttered head shape with precision milled face and grooves. Forged 1025 carbon steel face/hosel, 70-gram tungsten back weighting in mid and long irons and one-piece forged cavity back in short irons. Progressive offset with thin topline and tight leading edge for eye appeal and crisp contact wanted by better players.

  • Price: Eight iron set 3-pitching wedge, $1,200 steel shafts

Titleist 716 API 2

Titleist 716 AP2 – Co-forged with tungsten weighting on perimeter to move center of gravity low in the clubhead and aligned at impact for more ball speed. Center of gravity progresses with loft for best trajectory. Slightly wider sole with trailing edge relief for less digging at impact. Shafts become heavier from 3 iron (112 grams) to pitching wedge (130 grams).

  • Price: Eight iron set 3-pitching wedge, $1,200 steel shafts.

Wilson FG Tour V6

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 – Updated from Tour V4 model with 20-gram tungsten weight added to increase launch angle without increasing spin while producing more forgiveness. Placed in heel and toe in 3, 4 and 5 irons and centered in 6 and 7 irons. Forged cavity back clubhead with redesigned sole and thinner topline.

  • Price: Eight iron set 4-gap wedge, $1,000 steel shafts.