The TaylorMade SLDR

TaylorMade Drivers

The new TaylorMade SLDR features a 20-gram sliding weight located near the front of the sole that can be locked into 21 different positions from toe to heel to produce a draw or fade. TaylorMade is calling this, Movable Weight Reinvention, as they are not the first to do so. “Our expertise at positioning the center of gravity low and forward sets us apart,” said Taylor- Made’s chief technical officer Benoit Vincent. I must agree. The result of the center of gravity being lower and more forward in the clubhead is amazing. I tested a 10.5-degree TP version and the SLDR is the highest launch lowest spin driver I have ever played. Because I can have a higher loft on my driver as opposed to my traditional 8 degree, my ball flight is more of a slight draw as well.

It is a winner in my book. The SLDR is a fairway finding machine and is permanently in my bag! The loft can also be adjusted 1.5 degrees in either direction from one of the four stock lofts: 12, 10.5, 9.5 and 8 degree. As always adding more loft will close the face and vice versa. My suggestion is to be properly fit on a launch monitor, as you will most likely need a higher loft than normal due to TaylorMade’s breakthrough SLDR technology.

The SLDR also features a 460 cc deep faced head in a deep grey finish providing a much more traditional look with an aim line in silver that I found to be very useful. The stock shaft is TaylorMade’s proprietary version of the redeveloped Fujikura Speeder 57, while the TP version comes with a Speeder Tour Spec 6.3. As always both are available in various flexes and custom shafts are also available. The SLDR hit pros shops and retail stores on August 9th. The suggested retail is $399 and $499 for the TP version. My suggestion is to trade in and trade up to SLDR Technology. Your driving distance and fairways in regulation stats will thank you for it!