When purchasing new golf clubs women should be aware of the same considerations for a proper fit, i.e., clubs that are appropriate
for their swing, that men are when they buy clubs. Being fit for clubs is not a difficult process and a PGA Professional has the equipment, launch monitors and knowledge to ensure the results will mean more fun and enjoyment not to mention better shots and lower scores. For several reasons, we like the idea of women purchasing matched sets of clubs from one manufacturer or what are sometimes called package sets.

The advantages of matched sets start with having the proper gapping of lofts between the three or more hybrids as well as the irons to give both consistency and confidence. Ditto for the correct matching of swing weights and shaft flexes a factor which is sometimes neglected when making up a mixed bag from more than one manufacturer.

These things are especially important for women because they swing the club more slowly than men. With a driver swing speed typically around 65 mph and they need clubs with more flexible shafts and the proper loft to get the most distance. Millions of shots measured by Trackman show not only a direct correlation in clubhead speed and distance (which is no surprise) but also between how far we hit the ball and our scoring potential.

If there was ever a case for playing the proper clubs its lower scores.

Another big advantage of women playing a matched set is the significant difference in price with compared with a bag full of clubs purchased separately and which may not even be from the same manufacturer. Prices for matched sets run from a few hundred dollars on up. For example, one of the leading club companies sells their latest matched set of women’s clubs of driver through sand wedge for $1,400. If comparable top tier clubs are bought individually from the same manufacturer one could expect to spend over $1,700.

So the question is why pay the extra money if you don’t have to?

Whether buying a matched set or any club, see a PGA Professional or professional club fitter for a recommendation of the right clubs for you to help hit the ball farther and enjoy the game more. Here is a brief rundown of the matched sets of women’s clubs we like.

Callaway Golf
callawaygolfThe 12-club Solaire Women’s Set from Callaway is new for 2016 and includes a specially designed bag with seven pockets and a 6-way divider top. The Solaire driver has 13.5 degrees loft and is 44.5 inches in length. This is a thin face modl with responsiveness to produce added distance and has the internal weighting towards the rear of the clubhead to help reduce any tendency to hit a slice. Three fairway woods are included; a 17 degree 3-wood, a 20 degree 5-wood and a 23 degree 7-wood.

The transition from woods to irons is covered by the 5-hybrid and 6-hyrid and both are great for getting the ball out of the rough. The irons, 7-iron through sand wedge, are cavity backs with perimeter weighting to give a higher launch with more distance and forgiveness. Callaway also includes an Odyssey Marxman putter with triple lines across the top for easy alignment. Pricing for the Solaire Women’s Set is $900.

Cobra Golf
Cobra’s King F6 Combo Set for ladies contains eight clubs and sells for $799. It includes a 4/5 and 5/6 Hybrid plus 7-iron through cobragolfsand wedge. The two adjustable hybrids have the popular MyFly8 technology on the hosel, a low center of gravity using a 13-gram weight place low towards the rear of the sole. There is what Cobra calls a Speed Channel around the perimeter of the clubface that reduces face thickness and helps improve ball speeds. Like the irons are made with lightweight 60-gram graphite shafts.

The 7-iron is a half-hollow construction with a thin clubface and discretionary gives the center of gravity the best position for solid shots. The 8- and 9-irons are a full cavity back design also with a low center of gravity for better control and more spin. The set is completed with a pitching wedge of 45 degrees, a 50 degree gap wedge and 55 degree sand wedge.


TaylorMade Golf
taylormadegolfThe Kalea model from TMaG and designed specifically for female players with lofts optimized for slower swing speeds plus locating the center of gravity towards the sole and the rear of the clubhead. They also made use of the sole slots seen in men’s clubs to increase the face flex at impact to produce more distance. The specially designed shafts, Kalea SlimTech, have a smaller tip diameter to increase launch angles for better ball flight. According to the company, lofts and shaft lengths have been designed for smoother transition between the different club types…and head shapes to ensure that every club is as easy to hit as the next.

A 10-club set of driver to sand wedge is $1,399 consisting of driver, 3-wood, 4- and 5-Rescues and 6-iron through sand wedge. The Kalea putter is $149 and a matching bag is available for $189. There are also are 8-club and 6-club sets priced at $899 and $675 respectively.

Tour Edge Golf
New this fall from Tour Edge is the Moda Silk set for women made up with a driver, two fairway woods, two hybrids, five irons, putter atouredgegolfnd cart bag. And as with all the company’s clubs pricing is very competitive at $600. The driver is an offset 460cc clubhead with 15 degrees loft and the titanium clubhead has a large sweet spot and not face. The 3-wood (18 degrees) and 5-wood (22 degrees) have low profile stainless steel clubheads with an extra heavy sole and low center of gravity that produces an ideal trajectory.

The 5- and 6-hybrids also have a low center of gravity for forgiveness and to produce high accurate shots. Moda stainless steel irons (7-iron through sand wedge) are an oversize perimeter weighted design with a wide undercut cavity to help on off-center hits. Completing the Moda Silk set is a heel and toe weighted putter with lots of resistance to twisting for more accurate putts.

Wilson Golf
wilsongolfThe Profile XLS Package Set from Wilson starts with the driver, a forged titanium composite model with a 460cc clubhead, large sweet spot and lots of forgiveness. The fairway wood has weighting place low in the clubhead for playability from either fairway or rough and it’s complemented by the hybrid of the set, a high-launch model that is easy to hit.

The seven irons of the Profile XLS set are graphite shafted with extreme perimeter weighting and Wilson’s enhanced spin technology and the sand wedge has super low weight placement and an extra wide sole. The putter is a heel and toe weighted blade model. Included is a large but lightweight cart bag with a double padded shoulder strap. The Profile XLS Package Set is the least expensive of those on our list selling for $300.