He said:

When you read about the extravagant technology and metallurgy of certain clubs, do you understand it? It is about the movement of weight and thin face designs molded into each club that produces said performance and distance. I don’t have an engineering degree and you would have to have one to fully comprehend certain advertisements. I do however know when I have something in my hand that produces results. Tour Edge Exotics E8 fairway wood is one of those products.

The upgraded Carpenter 470 steel cup face makes me break out in song, “If I had a hammer…” Seriously, the results from cranking this bad boy on the tee or fairway will have you singing a tune yourself.  I don’t understand the terminology as well as I understand long distance and accuracy. If you can meet or exceed your driver with a club that keeps you in the fairway, lower scores are imminent. Every magazine headline exacerbates the virtues of the biggest and baddest driver on the market, but have you noticed that the scores have not been lowered? It’s the result of swinging for the fences and clearing them. Unfortunately, your score is increasing faster than your distance. I suggest you get an Exotics E8 fairway wood in your possession and see what the excitement is about. Official results show that the Exotics E8 Beta Fairway wood is the longest on the market. Lower sidespins produce better accuracy without compromising distance.

Tour Edge has adjustable weight kits to increase the swing weight to get the desired height trajectory. The club comes standard with a 9 gram sole weight. The kit includes a 6, 11, and 14 gram sole weight. The only option Tour Edge doesn’t have is the trophy being presented or the amount of bets that you will win.

E8_FairwayBetaShe said:

Wahoo, I found a new driver and it is my Tour Edge E8 3 wood! It’s really a quandary now which to pull out on the tee box. There is an ego factor to having a driver in my hand as opposed to a fairway wood when I stand on the launch pad. I love my Exotics driver but it is a couple years old and the E8 wood is now providing equal distance. Perhaps I will sing a different song when I try the latest driver. Meanwhile I know I can reach the par fours or fives in regulation with the E8 3 wood as my go to distance club from the fairways, no matter what the lie. The adjustability of the E8 wood isn’t so much a distinguishing factor for my 21-handicap game. Once set, I won’t likely tweak it for conditions and it was set well by the pro.

Great performance is not just our opinion. Independent Robot Club Testing at Golf Laboratories, Inc. placed the Tour Edge Exotics E8 #3 Fairway Wood at the top of the list in the Ball Speed and Total Distance categories.  CEO, David Glod, who started the company in his garage in 1986 continues to introduce new clubs that run the gamut of extraordinary design and performance. With the addition of my little E8 2 hybrid, flying 20 yards shorter than the E* 3wood I have big magic in my bag. You too can get an edge up at www.touredgegolf.com