Tour Edge Golf just announced the release of two new clubs, the EX9 Tour Fairway Wood and EX9 Tour Hybrid. These high quality clubs are perfect for advanced players who want full control over their game. They are refined and traditional upholding the Exotics reputation for being an innovative leader in golf technology.


The EX9 Tour Fairway Woods has technology for full speed impact


Acclaimed for being the best replacement for long irons everywhere is the EX9 Tour Hybrid

The new Exotics EX9 Tour Fairway Wood has a compact club head, an adjustable hosel, and ‘sound ribs’. These features allow for less spin, maximum distance, and more control. The EX9 Tour Fairway Wood has full-speed impact thanks to the Exotic’s Slipstream sole technology which has shorter waves reducing turf interaction. The  changeable weight insert on the EX9 Tour Fairway allows for the player to increase or decrease the swing weight and the heavier stock shaft accommodates to players with a faster swing speed.

The new Exotics EX9 Tour Hybrid is known for its precision performance. The head is smaller and pear shaped allowing for less spin and more trajectory. The face plate is titanium and has Variable Face Thickness technology which provides for more contact and increased distance. With a UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES Shaft players have more control and feel of the EX9 Tour Hybrid. Acclaimed for being the best replacement for long irons, the EX9 Tour Hybrid is something that the iron loving players dream about.