Nick Sherburne

Nick Sherburne

So what is SST PURE? Nick Sherburne, co-founder of Club Champion which is the nations premier club fitter and builder, and Matt Saternus who is a noted golf writer and founder of Plugged-In Golf researched this process. SST PURE is a custom fitting process that has been a fixture on the PGA tour for more than 15 years. An interesting statistic they found was that players that utilize this technology are very successful.

You may be wondering what this process consists of. SST PURE Shaft Alignment identifies the most stable bending plane. This bending plane is referred to as the “Neutral-Axis”. Why is this necessary? Golf shafts are not perfectly straight or perfectly round, and irregularities could hinder a swing when the shaft flexes or twists for example.

For the test, two seemingly identical six irons were used. The clubs had the same head, shaft, grip, loft, lie, length, swing weight, and total weight. The only difference was that one shaft had been SST PUREd and the other did not. All of the testing was done at Club Champion in a controlled environment.

The test consisted of seven golfers, whose handicaps ranged from the mid-teens to scratch. Each player hit ten shots with the PUREd six-iron and ten shots with a non-PUREd club. Players alternated hitting, using the PUREd iron first. No one knew which club was hit until after the testing had concluded. All shots were recorded on Trackman and no shots were deleted.SST PURE

The test concluded that “PUREing” a shaft led to significant distance increases. On average, our testers gained over 7 yards of total distance with the PUREd six-iron compared to the non-PUREd club. That is nearly a full club of extra distance despite the fact that both clubs had the same loft! The greater distance came largely as a result of greater club head speed, ball speed, and smash factor. Players swung the PUREd club nearly 1 MPH faster and generated an extra 2.8 MPH of ball speed.

The study also concluded that PUREing does, in fact, boost accuracy. Overall, our test group was 2.2 yards closer to the centerline with the PUREd six iron versus the non-PUREd six iron. That’s the difference between a makeable birdie putt and a challenging two-putt. On the PGA Tour, that would be the difference between being #1 in proximity to the hole and being 91st.

PUREing helped players land their shots nearer the centerline and also helped to narrow their dispersion pattern. The average distance between players’ furthest right and furthest left shots was 2.1 yards smaller with the PUREd iron versus the non-PUREd iron. Finally the study concluded that, “The SST PUREing process is no placebo. It is one of the most impactful technologies that we’ve ever tested.”


If you want to get your clubs PUREd today finding a location shouldn’t be too hard. SST PUREing is available through Club Champion’s 15 locations nationwide.

Their club fitting studios carry all the top golf club, shaft, and grip manufacturers in the industry, which allows for 15,000+ equipment combinations for customers to trial. For more information about Club Champion or SST PUREing, visit clubchampiongolf.com or call (888) 340-7820.

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