Belmont Blankets Good For Golf Bags!

At a City of Makers event in Portland, Oregon, Kerry Cotter was proudly showing off his Belmont Blankets, handmade with warm fabrics on one side and a proprietary waterproof fabric on the other side. The Legacy P blanket is made with Portland’s own famous Pendleton wool. We all recognize the warmth and quality of Pendleton but to match it up with a waterproof side and be able to roll it up with ties to occupy a very small space is amazing.

Belmont Blanket

Legacy P Blanket

I immediately thought how nice this would be in a golf bag for those cool, damp or drizzly days in the cart on the course. Kerry had already thought of that. In fact, hailing from Bend, Oregon, he is friends with and has been partnering with David McLay Kidd who we had run into years back, donning his kilt at the Tetherow Golf Course, which he architected. They will soon have logoed blankets and matching head covers for multiple courses that Kidd has designed. Think Bandon Dunes, Laucala Island, Gamble Sands, maybe Fancourt Montagu in South Africa.

The Hellagood blanket model uses a very soft fleece material rather than Pendleton with the same quality waterproof side. The Legacy T-Buffalo Plaid is made with a technical wool fabric that is super soft yet acts like wool. Both reduce the costs over the Pendleton model. All are washable and are hand cut and hand stitched in Portland, Oregon.


Belmont Hellagood Adeventure Blanket

After working in a high end retail store with fine textiles and seeing that Portland companies like Tanner Goods were succeeding with local labor, Kerry took a sewing class with ADX and decided to design and make the best ever all purpose blankets. The idea of the blankets was to carry them anywhere during outdoor adventures in case of inclement weather which can be frequent in the Pacific Northwest, hence the idea of #adventureblanket.  Portland area Ponzi Winery owner Maria quipped that it is an oxymoron.

Touche and yet it fits. Take the blanket on the golf cart, or hiking with a nice bottle of Ponzi.